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Setting up denoise light group help

I've created light groups and I need to render sequence (60 frames) in multilayer EXR with denoised passes. Is it correct setup and is it possible to render this sequence in blender? This setup works ...
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My viewport result and render result is deferent

This is my viewport display. I am checking if any object is hidden, but there is no problem. I am using a black principle shader for light blocking. I want that dark part in my result. but there are ...
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1 answer

Extract only GreasePencil lines

I want to extract only the lines used in LineArt, is there a way to do this? I tried setting the object path to GPencil, but it doesn't seem to be masked correctly. The line will also be composited ...
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Light layer in blender

So i was editing light on this road and suddenly new light layer wont work. Even tho the old light layer behind still working. Can someone help?
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shadow only looks good when it has to be behind the character. on the front does not work correctly

how to make the shadow stay correctly in front of the image plane, when it is supposed to be behind it is perfect, when it needs to be in front it is cut off and away from the character.[In this first ...
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How to dim a light source's effect on selected materials using light groups in the compositor?

In Blender 3.2.2 I have multiple light groups to light up a scene of objects. One light group in particular(HL group) is used just to highlight a singular object. I wish to dim the effectiveness of ...
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How to properly use Cycles Light Groups?

Recently in Blender's new 3.2 updates, we got Light Groups, however, they are rather hard to use them without knowing what to do. How do the new Cycles Light Groups work, and how to use them?
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