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The (BGE) Blender Game Engine (discontinued, blender 2.41 - 2.79) allows you to create interactive 3D applications, game prototypes and simulations.

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Is there a way to use a MIDI controller as a sensor in the Game Engine?

I'd like to use a MIDI enabled device, in this case a mixer with knobs and faders, as a controller for the game engine, to do a live projection and change some parameters in real time. The only ...
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Draw geometry on screen using BGL module

I am trying to use the bgl module to draw triangles on top of the Blender interface. My understanding is that glBegin/glEnd are deprecated, and vertex array or display list or VBO should be used ...
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Interactive output in blender

I am learning how to use blender. After I create an animation in blender, how do I send the output from a blender application so that it remains interactive? I mean, I can save as ...
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How to make the game engine render stereo on 2 monitors?

I am trying to use the game engine to display side-by-side stereo on two monitors. Does anyone know how to do this? I have been successful using the standalone player to display side-by-side stereo ...
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How can I generate camera shake?

I would like to generate camera shake in either a render or in BGE. How can I accomplish this?
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How to Set a Property Value in Blender Game Engine?

How would I set a property value with python in the Blender game engine?
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Get the rotation of an object in the game engine

How would I get an object's rotation and set that as another's velocity? Like if I had Object A, that has the rotation data, and Object ...
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How do you detect collisions with fast objects like bullets?

I am currently trying to make a tank to work in the game engine. I have the body roughly done and am trying to get the gun to work. Just making the barrel create a shell at a high velocity doesn't ...
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How do blender units and meters, feet, or yards correlate?

If I'm using blender game engine, how do blender units work in relation to gravity, acceleration, or weight? Is there a rough physical world equivalent?
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Can modifiers be called in the Game Engine?

Can modifiers be called in the Blender Game engine and called using actuators? For example, could the explode modifier be called when you jump on a box? If so, are there some modifiers that work ...
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How can I make a fluid simulation in game engine

Is there a way to simulate a fluid in the game engine? It doesn't have to be 100% realistic (but not a cycling 2D animation). It just needs to be recognizable as water. Optimally, there should be a ...
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