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Questions tagged [forward-kinematics]

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I want one controller to affect the whole Rig

I have created a rig that moves all the desired parts but I need one main control to affect everything at once such that individual controls rotate around allowed axis when that main control is moved
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Ellie's fk isn't working

I downloaded the ellie model from blender studio and the fk isn't working. I have no clue on what to do. Model link for download:
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Calculate the location of the bones in Blender from BVH

I know that bpy.ops.pose.paths_calculate can be used to calculate the position of a bone at any time, but I don’t know the details. My task is as follows: first, a ...
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What is more preferable to use combined FK/IK rig or separate rigs?

I'm newbie in blender and making my first animation all by myself. So what will be more user-friendly for me and what are pros and cons overall in both variants?
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How do I make an on/off switch for FK and IK limb rigs?

I want to try and do the same thing rigify's rig system did and make a menu that allows me to switch between the IK and the FK limbs for my character's arms and legs. Right now, all I have is one ...
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IK elbows twist mesh Fk poles face bend the wrong way

Whenever I try pose my model using Ik_arms the arms bends the wrong way.And if I turn the pole controls on they bend the correct way but the mesh twists.How can I stop the mesh from twisting when ...
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How do I get rigify arm IK bones to no longer aim toward origin?

I am modeling a tennis player with rigify. I have created several actions (forehand, backhand, etc), all of which work when tested alone. I did them at the origin of the scene. My problem is, when ...
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Mesh Crumples at Elbow When Arm is Rotated

When I rotate my characters arm so that both the upper and lower arm are facing down, the mesh at the arm moves around like it is crumpled. I do not believe this is a problem with the weight paint, ...
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How to apply FK/IK for certain keyframes?

I'm animating a charracter and need him to switch between IK and FK controls for a certain action, but there's no way to set that afaik. If you set it at IK, the entire animation for that body part ...
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