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Creating a new mathematical fisheye model

I've been using blender mostly for scientific research in computer science. Right now, I would like to use a specific type of fisheye camera that was only calibrated with a specific mathematical model....
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How to convert fisheye model parameters calibrated in OpenCV into fisheye in Blender?

I want to simulate a real-world fisheye in Blender, using parameters calibrated in OpenCV. However, I don't know how to map these parameters into Blender.
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Cycles camera: Trying to understand Fisheye Polynomial lens and approximate a convex parabolic mirror

According to the documentation, the polynomial fisheye lens in Cycles can be used to approximate a wide range of fisheye cameras by using the formula $$ r = \sqrt{x^2 + y^2} \\ \theta = k_0 + k_1 r + ...
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Alternatives to freestyle and grease pencil when using panoramic cameras? For full-dome rendering. Cycles only <3

I'm working on a full dome project, rendering in Cycles with a fisheye equidistant camera with a 210d FoV angle. Since freestyle and grease pencil are not supported with panoramic cameras (please let ...
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3 votes
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Tilting stereoscopic panoramic and fisheye rendering for fulldome planetrium

I'm hoping I can explain this properly. I'm looking into rendering stereoscopic 3D fisheye images for planetariums. I've previously used 3dsmax, Vray and Domemaster3D created by Roberto Ziche and ...
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Panoramic lens weird gap between objects

I encountered this problem when I tried to use the Fisheye lens. There is no gap between the ground and the object but when I switch the render engine to the Cycles render view this gap appears. ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Black areas in Fisheye lens corners

today I wanted to try if it is possible to make mini planets with Fisheye similar to this: The problem I have is that when I try to render my test with any settings I will always get black corners ...
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Freestyle with panoramic camera

I started using the panoramic camera, especially the fisheye equisolid, and upon trying to render a frame with freestyle, the lines are places as if the camera was still in the perspective lens type. ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Fisheye + Freestyle

I would like to render a freestyle line over a render with fisheye lens in 2.9. Is this possible?
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No distortions with Strokes in a Fisheye render (Cycles)?

I would like to draw my the scene with strokes and render it for a dome view (fisheye 210º) but when i finished to draw and start the render, I have no fisheye distortion, everything is flat like a ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Path tracing for arbitrary camera rendering

I am trying to implement a custom camera with large FOV in blender. I know, that Cycles render engine allows to use a fisheye lense, by it in not enough for me, I need a specific camera with ...
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4 votes
1 answer

I want to use the light probe as a fisheye or spherical camera in Eevee. How can I directly access image data produced by the lightprobe?

I want to use the light probe as a fisheye or spherical camera in Eevee. I assume a panoramic fisheye option will be developed for Eevee at some point, but in the meantime perhaps the light probe can ...
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