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Please help me setup my hardware for our 3D Studio - Using Blender [duplicate]

We have a small 3D animation studio and one of our more complicated scenes won't render because of the dreaded out of memory error. We have the following 3D rigs: PC 1 and 2 (same specs) Blender - ...
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Why does Eevee use 100% GPU and Cycles 100% CPU only?

Why does Eevee use 100% GPU and Cycles 100% CPU only when rendering in Blender? When I select CPU in Cycles, the Device field stays white for valid? And when I select GPU, the field is grayed out ...
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Numba Seg fault with blender

I'm looking to integrate Numba into my Blender addons. However, I've run into a weird problem. So, I have a simple file ...
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Compiling on Fedora with OptiX

I run under Fedora 36 and NVCC complains about gcc being above version 11, it's a pain to install it and would prefer to just follow the advise in the error message: ...
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