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Questions tagged [chromakey]

Chromakey is the process of deriving a value from a color and using it to mask the source image

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How can I improve the VSE preview performance (frame rate) with an inserted keyed/composite scene?

Blender 3.5.1 NVIDIA 3080 RTX i7-12700F The video sequencer cache limit is set to 16384 (I have 32G of memory) I looked at this post which gave me the suggestion of increasing the cache limit. I ...
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0 answers

Video in compositor not showing in render

The video I am trying to key will not show in the renderer. It shows just fine in the viewer node, as well as in the preview on the composite node. I have looked online for solutions already: Use ...
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1 answer

I tried setting up a greenscreen removal process with this blender tutorial but it didn't work. What am I doing wrong?

Here is the tutorial: I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Used the droppler key, and nothing.
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Key in Davinci / Motion track in Blender [closed]

I am editing something in Davinci Resolve - but I am trying to do the motion tracking in Blender. I have gotten the tracking to work in Blender on the main footage that has been filmed, now I want to ...
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Blender for virtual production

I recently joined a virtual production company that uses UE5 to do live virtual production. Basically they use UE5 to remove green screen live. I was wonder if the same could be done in blender and i ...
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1 answer

Green screen video has dark outline around object

PROBLEM Hi! I chroma keyed a green screen video in DaVinci Resolve, then imported it with Image As Plane into a blender scene as an Emission node so it’s not ...
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0 answers

Use greenscreen as holdout

I'm trying to do an effect where I have 3d objects in a vortex around a person in a shot (like this) Basically, right now I have the shot pre-keyed in a png sequence and I'm using the alpha from the ...
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1 answer

How to key out a white background in compositor?

I've been trying for hours to remove my white (well, grayish white) background from a video, and I thought you could remove it with keying nodes in the compositor (cycles). I managed to get somewhat ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Remove blue screen with blue object on it

I have been trying to learn the basics of Blender and I have a basic understanding of keying. But here is my problem. I only have a blue screen and I am trying to utilize it. The problem is I have ...
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1 answer

Different color Between Video as plane and the Scene

What is the best way to put a video of dancers inside a 3D scene?? I put the video of the dancers as plane background but the color of the People in alpha channel are Completely different that the ...
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1 answer

Blender 2.90.1 Keying Node doesn't seem to work. Am I missing a switch somewhere, or does keying need to be added to the clip like a mask?

The Keying Node doesn't seem to work. Am I overlooking a switch somewhere, or does keying need to be "added" to the clip, as masking does, in order for it to render? Here is my compositor ...
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0 answers

Transparent Background for green screen clip

I want to insert a clip (as an image plane) in my 3d environment. How can I make the green screen background transparent and save the clip with the transparent background. I want to use this clip in ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Mask and convert color in photo/video

I am very new to blender still. I want to simply change the color of an object in the video. I want to know if there is good way to do this. I am including what I have to test.
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1 answer

Key out background and keep "halo" around foreground

Noob here! I captured video of myself writing on my ipad- pure white background with pure black text. I want to import this into Blender 2.8 and overlay it on top of another video, obviously removing ...
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1 answer

Prevent Keying Node from erasing Colors similar to KeyColor

In 2.79 Blender Internal, the keying node is erasing colors similar to the key color (white) like light blue, pink etc. Is there any way to covert the exact color (Hex value) alpha? Tried directly ...
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0 answers

Newbie green screener: background keyed out without selecting key color

Newbie here: I’ve been through several green screen tuts, think I understand it, but am not getting the results shown in the tuts. Using v2.82.7 and v2.83.1 after reinstalling to try to fix problem. I ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How to move a movieclip in composition

I have a composition of two videos. I used keying nodes, movieclip and alpha over. The video 1 is a loop that I will use as a background with dimensions of 1280x720. The video 2 is a video with ...
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Green screen transparent layer questions video editing

I have two (newbie) questions: 1)I have made a green screen video transparent in the compositing-tool. But when I am rendering this image (without a background image) and I am trying to place this in ...
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How to layer movie clips with black backgrounds in compositor?

I am using Blender 2.76. I want to layer this movie clip: over this one: So far this is what I have: using this set of nodes: I set "Dilate/Erode" to -100 to achieve this effect. The ...
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3 answers

Keying node removing everything but the green screen

I'm just learning how to green screen. I started in Movie Clip Editor, opened a clip, added a Mask, and then switched to the Compositing tab, and added the nodes shown in the pictures. This was all ...
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1 answer

Positioning a movie clip over still images using green screen

I have managed to make a clip of myself and used greenscreen effectively. I have two issues that im struggling to sort out I am doing an advice clip on property where I have greenscreened myself ...
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3 answers

Chroma Key Render isn't the same as viewer

Please take a look at my node setup, viewer output, and then render. I used the viewer node at two points so that I could make sure my color correction nodes were not the problem and even if I take ...
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Scaling keyed video with alpha over generates black border

I'm working on a green screened project and am scaling my foreground video then passing it into a keying node, then alpha over. The problem is, the area outside the scaled video is black not green, so ...
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3 answers

How to put green screen video on a plane in Cycles

All I need to do is place a video with green-screening onto a plane in a scene. Obviously, the green screen will need to be transparent. From what I understand, the video must be keyed and then ...
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Chroma Key function [duplicate]

Is there a chroma key function in Blender? This would not only make an object with the chroma key color invisible (alpha = zero), but also any (part of an) object that happens to be behind the chroma ...
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