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How does BLAM work?

so I installed Blender a few days ago, and after playing around and getting used to the basic controls and shapes, I decided that it would help to use references pictures of houses and stuff like that,...
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Addon BLAM - Lines doesn't line up

I have a strange problem with addon called BLAM. I watched a lot of tutorials about using BLAM, but I can't figure out what is the problem. It isn't first time when I'm trying to recreate a real scene ...
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Background images of the camera do not appear in the render [duplicate]

I have a footage shot with a static camera (4K with a Pixel 2 XL front camera in case it is needed) on a tripod. I'd like to add a moving cube on fire to the scene. As far as I understand (I'm ...
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BLAM add-on does not work with Blender 2.79

I tried installing both the latest version(v 0.6) and the original one. I downloaded the zip file and then clicked on the install addon from file button. Turns out it does not show in the addons list ...
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Adjusting Scene Scale with BLAM to real world estimation measurement

I am remodelling a scene from -presumably- a photo. Using BLAM addon. I would like to know how to adjust the 3D model in the scene. To the real world estimated measurement. As can be seen in the ...
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The Blam Image BackGround Not Showing in 3D View

I'm Trying to use Blam but I cant see the Image background on CameraView, the one that I added in Movie Clip Editor and draw lines in X and V axis for mapping Here is a screenshot of my blender ...
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