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Scripting: Separate by loose parts and get created objects

I am looking for a scripting/code/api way to do a separate by loose parts and get a list of the resulting separated objects. There doesn't seem like there is a direct way to do this? You can do ...
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Ray_casting from curve origins doesn't hit any part of the mesh

The terminal prints none, which I guess means the raycast is not hitting anything. To replicate this output. Run the script and navigate to its sidebar in the viewport, select the two nerve curves and ...
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How to add a collection from a Blend file via add-on code?

This is my current code: ...
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How to determine whether the FCurve array_index is targetting a specific property?

This question is within the context of Geometry Node and drivers. Using the Python API, we can retrieve the drivers associated to Geometry Nodes of a given node tree this way: ...
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Python: trigger manual rotation

I'm writing an add-on for Blender, and I'd like to create two different key mappings for rotation: one will rotate around the median point, the other around the cursor. In each case, the plan is to ...
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Cannot load .blend file from Python script

I am struggling to find out the source of the segmentation fault I get when I try to load a file from a Python script (specifically a production shot of Charge). I try to call: ...
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Reading ShaderNodeHueSaturation color output

I am trying to read the color from an HSV-Node via the scripting api. This is my material shadernodes tree (simple test scene, no other materials etc). I have confirmed that the HSV node is correctly ...
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3 votes
1 answer

silencing Blender output using Python

I have a python app that imports bpy as a module. I am trying to silence all the Blender console outputs so that outputs like ...
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hello i want to port 3D render to Blender [closed]

I know a friend of mine he build 3D renderer better then Corona. How can I port that engine to Blender? By the way he built his engine into Lightwave3d and I told him about the idea he told me you ...
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Add custom Asset Library path on startup

I run a small studio and we are looking into centralizing blender install. OCIO and addons I can deal with a custom script that I launch when blender is started, but I cant find a way to ...
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Undocumented API change between 3.5 and 3.6 UV Map

I have a script that duplicates a sourceobject N times, one for each entry in a array, and then scales the UV for that object to 1/n the height, and moves it vertically in the UV map to not have ...
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2 answers

Blender API : show list of available entries of a built-in enum property

This might be a noob question but I am trying to understand something regarding blender's api. I was writing a script that part of it was to change the renderer to cycles, I was able to do that using <...
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