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Dark regions of render looks distorted / blurry [duplicate]

Rendered with cycles with 2048 samples and 0.04 noise threshold What are the causes for these distortion? Besides adding additional lighting around them, are there any methods of improving these ...
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How to avoid noisy renders in Cycles?

I know that this question is a bit old or maybe overdone, but I'm running the latest edition of Blender and when I use the Cycles engine I get really fuzzy results and I can't find a simple, non-...
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How to reduce fireflies in Cycles?

I often use Cycles' built in Glass BSDF shader to achieve realistic refraction effects, but in many cases, it seems that Cycles' glass caustics creates an unfortunately large number of fireflies (...
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What is branched path tracing and how is it useful?

I noticed recently that there is a new option in Cycles for "branched path tracing", can someone explain what this does in easy to understand terms? Should we expect faster render times or less ...
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How to render a scene faster in Cycles?

I have a scene of an office. It has chairs, tables, computers, and so on. I would like to know how I can render this scene faster as I am planning to make animation inside the office and don't want ...
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How do I use the cycles Denoiser?

For quite a while, I have been using realtime GLSL shading for most of my projects. I decided to re-vist cycles after hearing about how awesome the new denoiser is. What does the denoiser actually do, ...
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Branched Path Tracing

About Branched Path Tracing, I'm using the Arnold Renderer theory without Square Samples as many forums said, but seems Cycles goes different. I have better times/results with higher AA Samples value ...
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Blender EEVEE pixelated render. No denoise options?

I'm a beginner in Blender and I'm trying to render a scene using Blender 2.8. Unfortunately the result shows strong pixelation. As far as I learned for version 2.7 (Cycles) you have to use a denoise ...
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What does "number of diffuse/glossy/... bounce samples" mean?

In Cycles render, when enabling branched path tracing, one can specify the number of diffuse/glossy/transmission/... bounce samples for each AA sample. Can someone explain to me in little more words ...
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Problems with denoising in rendering

I'm starting to take my first steps in Blender. I recently did the BlenderGuru's light bulbs tutorial. I have problems with rendering. The two images attached were rendered using Cycles (Blender 2.79),...
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Rendered object too grainy (Beginner) [duplicate]

Why is my rendered object and rendered image so grainy? I followed tutorial and when i added material its not looking the same
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Why is my render noisy/blotchy?

I'm new to Blender and wonder why, when I render the image, the image is noisy or blotchy. The render result is shown below. You can see the effect clearly at the skin area. Can someone help me ...
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Best settings for denoising in Cycles

I am working on a project and I am using the Cycles render engine. Denoising usually seems like a good option but the image does become a little blurry when I use denoising with the default settings. ...
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How to render a night scene [duplicate]

I really need some help regarding rendering a night scene. When i tick the denoising option. My render become ugly where there is a black dirt on the image. As in the image below. And if i untick ...
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Weird artifacts in shadow when rendering transparent objects

I'm rendering a transparent cup with water + transparent plate. However, the right bottom part of the shadow seem quite off. It has artifacts in the shadow. This ...
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