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Cycles render problem again

I know this issue pops up periodically. But I still haven't found a solution. The problem is on this picture. Other projects render great even with 128-64 samples. I realized that the problem is not ...
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My render is coming out blurry and I don't know why [duplicate]

Recently I've been trying to render a scene I created. Previously, it had rendered the scene fine but when I tried making a clay render today, it came out looking blurry like an oil painting. I ...
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How to render a scene faster in Cycles?

I have a scene of an office. It has chairs, tables, computers, and so on. I would like to know how I can render this scene faster as I am planning to make animation inside the office and don't want ...
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Here is the texture and not rendered as you can see there are fabric textures Here is rendered then when i rendered the texture is gone i try to do more samples but no difference what possible ...
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Denoise messes render [duplicate]

I am making a grungy, old style render and denoise just deletes all the details,i use principled volume and particles for dust they also get clamped.
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Denoising makes fabric texture smooth [duplicate]

I am tying to render out a gift box with a canvas/fabric texture. Renders with Denoise turned off appear fine, albeit with plenty of noise... whilst rendering with denoise turned on will correct the ...
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How to preview just one zone with cycles?

I've watched this tutorial where i think the author selects an specific zone to preview with cycles. I can't get with the keys to do that. Is it possible what I'm saying?
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Blender EEVEE pixelated render. No denoise options?

I'm a beginner in Blender and I'm trying to render a scene using Blender 2.8. Unfortunately the result shows strong pixelation. As far as I learned for version 2.7 (Cycles) you have to use a denoise ...
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How to reduce fireflies in Cycles?

I often use Cycles' built in Glass BSDF shader to achieve realistic refraction effects, but in many cases, it seems that Cycles' glass caustics creates an unfortunately large number of fireflies (...
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Why Render looks smudgy in cycle engine [duplicate]

I'm having a rendering problem here in blender. The render looks smudgy and this never happened before. Usually, I use a very standard amount of samples around 128-256. I use the blender 3.0 version ...
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My render looks pixilated and really strange [duplicate]

When I render my scene, for some reason my render looks pixilated in some places, and overall really strange. The image quality is 1920 x 1080, with 100% scale, and the render is at 128 samples. I can'...
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Weird textures in blender [duplicate]

I am a new blender user and after 2 months I have a problem that I don't know how to solve. I sincerely hope someone can help me. When I render a scene where there is one or more objects in the open ...
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Weird distorsions in light when using denoise node [duplicate]

When using the denoising node I happen to have some distortions where the light bounces. When I increase the samples to 600 it's reduced but it still be noticeable. What may be causing this effect?
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How to get rid of this distortion/heat waves in cycles animation render [duplicate]

I am very curious right now. I wanted to render a video about lights and there is that weird glitching heatwave everywhere where it's dark (look at the top around the orange object, dark sides are ...
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Colors smear into a puddle in render

I'm very new to blender and I'm making my first kitchen scene. When I'm trying to render the scene I have stumbled upon something weird. On both the cabinet drawers and doors the colors seems to smear ...

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