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Layers function Blender 2.8 missing [duplicate]

Where is the layers button/function that was in 2.79? I have not been able to find the layers function.
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Why are the materials of my objects not rendering?

I'm having some trouble while trying to render a scene; what happens is, when I render it in Cycles, everything in the picture is orange instead of its material. When I render it in Blender Render ...
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Render only has gray textures

The "rendered" viewport in the editor shows my model just fine. But once I actually render it it doesnt render the materials with it, instead everything has a gray texture. It doesnt render any ...
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Object turns white when rendering/render Layer Colors disappear

Help, where is the color?! I tried everything going through material etc. Im barely learning on youtube with blenderguru but I don't know why my objects colors disappeared when rendering.
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Cycles Render Output Black

So my problem is simple: My render output is black. I have rendered correctly before but now fear that I have accidentally changed a setting. I can't seem to figure out what it is... My file is on ...
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Blender internal: How to get a plain rendering of an object by ignoring its materials?

I wonder is there an easy way to render an object in the scene without its materials to get a rendering of a plain shape? By "without" I mean somehow hiding the materials that are applied to the mesh ...
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Is there still the material override feature within render layers in Blender 2.8? [duplicate]

I could not find this feature in the alpha version of Blender 2.8, nor could I find any information on whether the feature will still be available with the release. I only found a hint in Where is the ...
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Rendered image/video loses material and lighting

The blender model when rendered as an image or animation through the top menu bar doesn't display most material and light elements. (image 1) Although when viewing the model thought the view-port at ...
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Blender Internal - colorless render (no materials)

I downloaded a model from BlenderSwap - - but when I render it the result is almost colorless but not quite (so I am pretty sure it is not greyscale, ...
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Blender 2.8 Using z height (Depth) gradient to reduce mist intensity

I'm trying to find something for 2.8 but struggling. I want to use the z height (depth on render layer?) to reduce the intensity of mist (composite layer) exponentially as height increases. ...
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