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One Object won't Show up in Final Render even though it shows up in the Preview Render [duplicate]

I have a model of a building with a sidewalk around it. Both show up when I switch to rendering mode in both Blender Render and Cycles Render mode. But: when I hit F12 for a final proper render, ...
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Fluid not showing in final render [duplicate]

I made a glass and have some fluid falling into it. I applied the fluid, smoothed it out, re sized the glass, added some ice cubes.... The glass renders and so do the ice cubes... just not the ...
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blender only rendering background color [duplicate]

I had a problem with blender only rendering the background color of my blend file. The blend file is availble for download. Could someone tell me what is up with it?
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Why is one of my objects is not visible in the final rendering? [duplicate]

I've been building a low-poly planet but for some reason when I hit render one of my objects is not visible. I have tried everything I can think of but nothing seems to make the object appear in my ...
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Result of rendering is a black screen [duplicate]

I have read a couple of answers on this topic, but they didn't helped me. I have light and camera, but the result of rendering is always black. Rendered 3D-view is OK, but in Material view my model is ...
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Cloth object not rendering [duplicate]

Just as some background - it was an animated cloth object with physics, collision, and some hooks. I "applied" all the modifiers when I liked its look, but now I'm searching for some setting that is ...
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Animation rendering is blank [duplicate]

When I try to render an animation i made using a tutorial all the frames are blank. I've tried everything I can find on this website and others and nothing is working. Any help? File: Clock ...
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Objects appear in the viewport and preview render, but not in the outliner or final render [duplicate]

I don't understand what happened. Before when I saved the file it worked fine, but when I came back and reopened it, this problem started happening. (It is most visible with the character's eyes.) ...
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Why is my subsurf modifier is shown differently in render? [duplicate]

I've been working with Blender for one week only, after working with Maya so everything is new for me. I tried to put a modifier on my object and I saw that it is shown differently in the viewport ...
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Why are parts of my scene not visible after rendering? [duplicate]

This probably has already been asked, but I couldn't find it so (there's only one camera in the scene)
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I cant render this Grid [duplicate]

I'm trying to create my first 3d model with material . so i pick up my radio to be my guide . There is a problem that i cant solve . i tried to create a grid in front of the radio but when i render it ...
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Why my object is not showing in Rendered result but in the Rendered viewpart? [duplicate]

Im facing this problem for the first time and it looks very funny to me because there is no issue with the settings. My object is showing in the Rendered viewpart but when i hit render for final ...
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Object not visible when rendered [duplicate]

An object is missing when rendered. It is not restricted, clickable, and can be seen in the 3D View. I have searched the internet, and this forum as well but found nothing. I have provided 2 ...
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Major visual issue with cycles rendering [duplicate]

Im rendering a scene using cycles which looks absolutely perfect when rendering in view port mode as you can see in the first image But when I finally render it, it looks like this I'm using 2.79 and ...
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Why is part of my model not being rendered?

Why is the selected object displaying in the 3D view, but not rendering? In object mode, it shows up: However, it does not show up in render mode: Why is this so and what causes it to hide in ...
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