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chromakey overlay at end of video [duplicate]

Assume you want to put a green screen overlay at the end of a longer video clip. Blender doesn't allow to do this in the compositor mode, because the overlay is placed at the beginning. Is it ...
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Cycles why image squence texture is automatically animating?

I have just added image sequence as texture and when i play the timeline the texture goes to next frame automatically why ? here are the source blend + image files please check Video of the error
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Video clip on plane EEVEE

I'm french (sorry for my poor english), i'm a new on blender 2.8 and older... So, I have a question about planes nd video clip. I put a video on a plane. I gave the frames information but I can't ...
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Background Image (Movie clip) appearing purple

I want to add a video as a background "image" in blender 2.8 to match my camera movement. Blender is however only displaying a purple solid (like when the source file cannot be found). I've tried ...
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How can I delete a single frame?

I have an extra frame that's not supposed to be in the video that I imported in. I'm not sure why it's there, but for the video to play smoothly, I need frame 116 gone and for frame 117 to become ...
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Same Video on each face, but with different time delay?

iam looking for a way to - like the title says - i want to put the same video on each face, but with different time delay. In other words, i want to create a kind of videowall. i found THIS: ...
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How can I "slideshow" between image textures on a plane?

I have something like a slideshow I'm working on (essentially a shadow box that flips through images), and I can't find an easy way to change the image on a plane. The two solutions I can think of ...
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Movie clip node as mask

I am trying to do something simple but i encountered a problem i can't resolve. I am using a movie clip node as a mask which last 30 frames in the compositor. For the 30 first frames it works well ...
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Can I reuse a plane with an image sequence

I have a plane with an image sequence on it, which works fine on itself. During my animation, I'd like to play that image sequence at multiple completely different frames, so I was wondering if there ...
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How to make plane tracked video start compositing from a certain frame?

Thanks to your help, I can now plane track a video and nicely add a video on top of the plane. However, I have a problem.. So, I only need to track a small part of a large video. I set the range to &...
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animate the material node (image)

I wonder if there's any possibility to animate frame "17" as picture show to frame "19". I just need to key those frames that I need. Any help would be grateful. Thanks
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