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After finishing Blender Guru's both doughnut and anvil tutorials I conceived that I should keep mesh quad-only. Moreover, all edges of my final meshes were looping, which I took as a rule too. But is ...
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Good uses regarding polys, tris and quads [duplicate]

Since I have been modeling I have been wondering what are the good uses regarding polys, tris and quads. I try to only have quads in all my modeling but is it necessary when the goal is only to render?...
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I need some insight in understanding the basic approach to modeling an object in blender [duplicate]

I am trying to learn deeply about the art of modeling in blender and just CG in general of course, and I have a couple of questions that it would be nice to have answered. When one is modeling in edit ...
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Which one? Single Vertice with triangles or Grid Fill? [duplicate]

I am working on my first non-Character Models and was modelling a Cup with the beginning mesh as a Cylinder. Now I just wanna know if it will be a problem to have the vertices on the bottom connect in ...
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