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"Smooth Vertex" wrinkles mesh instead of smoothing it

How is this smoother, it keeps wrinkling everything like forking pie crust pie wrinkles
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Artifacts in render, but not in preview?

I have spent hours figuring out how to do this piece of my object. Starting over with a new mesh a number of times. I punched the holes manually, after learning the evil that is boolean modifiers. ...
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Why is this surface wrinkly?

I have made a ring in blender 2.71. I have applied a subsurface smoothing modifier, and set the shading to smooth. For some reason I don't understand, the model is covered in wrinkles. When I go ...
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What causes odd deformations when using Subsurf?

first time here. Alrighty, I'm quite new to 3D model design in Blender, but I have a little problem with my book model. The mesh is fine (I think). But there are a good few points where the text mesh ...

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