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Can't motion track backwards

So I'm trying to track a panning footage(start in center, pan left, pan right without stopping in the middle, and back to center.), and I want to place the tracker in the end where there is no motion ...
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Motion Tracking video tips [duplicate]

I just started with motion tracking in blender and it a really awesome feature but I discovered that shooting the right video is very hard. The image below is a part of I test video I made where I ...
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2.74 Camera Solve failing despite having 8 consistent tracks and matching keyframes [duplicate]

I'm sure this must be something I have just overlooked or misunderstood, but I cannot for figure out why I can't solve camera motion in this situation. I have 8 tracked points, with seemingly very ...
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Solve Error High [duplicate]

I don't know why the solve error is high? It should have been an easy tracking. Footage have well contrasting markers. Can anyone please help me understand why this is happening and how can I get more ...
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