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How can I increase the darkness of shadows without increasing the strength of the lamp? [duplicate]

I want to create a shallow and dim lighting effect around my scene, but I also want the shadows to be slightly darker. Unfortunately the only method I have found to make shadows sharper and darker is ...
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Strongest shadow [duplicate]

Blender Cycles. I have lamp type sun and i want have strongest shadow (blacker) but emission must stay. I have sun "size" = 0 and still not strong for me. Any idea?
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What is Ambient Occlusion?

What is Ambient Occlusion and what are some of it's uses? I see it is used in creating what might be called "shadow catchers" in the following node tree setup:
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How to make 3D LUTs and use them in Blender?

Now that I understand a little bit more about how to work with Wide Dynamic Range workflow , scene referred datas and OPS(ASC CDL) node, I'm asking myself how to go further and create my own 3D LUT ...
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What is the the ASC-CDL node?

The color balance node in the compositor can be switched to use the ASC CDL How is it used? How is this different from Lift/Gamma/Gain? How do the Offset, Power, Slope options affect the image?
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Using scenes and render layers to composite an object isolated on white background with shadow

I composite 3 individually rendered and saved files to achieve the look of an object isolated on white with a proper shadow: image file of object floating with alpha background image file of a render ...
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In cycles, do negative lights actually remove light or are they casting "Black" light?

In cycles, I just learned, that you can set a lamp's value to a negative number to create a "negative lamp". But in a few tests, instead of removing light, it seemed to just cast black light? What are ...
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Making very hard shadows softer?

Once I set up the lighting I've noticed that there is a very Hard Shadow falling from one object to another, from the Sky Map. Is there a way to make the Shadows softer without affecting the Intensity ...
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Editing colors in Blender for vibrance and saturation

Is there a way within Blender to edit colors, like Photoshop, using variables such as vibrance and saturation? For example: The image below is an photoshopped version of the first image, with ...
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Adaptative ray bounces in Cycles

Sometimes, in order to avoid noise and render faster, I set the bounces to 0. The problem is that I don't get any reflection on water, glass, etc. I know that some nodes provide tests to stop a ray (...
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How to add a light that is only visible to the shadow path?

I saw this option mentioned in another answer: How can I cast artificially darker shadows? I want to try this but I do not know how to add a light that is only visible to the shadow path. My ...
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Increase the contrast of shadows like you would using a color ramp

Is it possible to increase the contrast of shadows the way you would with a color ramp, but without effecting the colors themselves? I don't want hard edges, and color ramps allow you to have a middle ...
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Amplify shadows in scene

I would like to easily amplify all the shadows on the stage, but not increase the lamp's power. Is there a way to do it?
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Modify light source so it will only create highlights and not reach into shadowy crevices?

My model has many protrusions and crevices. I am satisfied with the shadow that currently exists in the crevices, but the protrusions need more highlight to create a sense of volume. How can I ...
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