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Adding A Background Colour

My project is the simulation of the solar system. I have completed the orbits of the planets however, the final thing I need to do is to add a background colour of a cluster of colours that represent ...
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Cannot find Background Images feature in Blender 2.8

Cannot find Background Images feature to add in a photo in Blender 2.8 Where is it?
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What has shut off rendering and display of the world background?

Yesterday I was playing with world settings while testing lighting, and now I can't get it to display again as the world background in the 3d view. I've gone over every setting I can think of - the ...
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How do i set a object with particles to the background and keep another object in front in composition?

Hello guys iv got a sphere that has particles (stars) and im putting some blur on them how do i set that image as a background? and keep the ship in front of it ? the particle system is connected to ...
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Merging Textures into Diffuse

I have the following textures tex_c.tga, tex_n.tga, and tex_r.tga. Correct me if I'm wrong ...
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HDR not rendering properly [duplicate]

I'm doing just a basic setup using an environment node with an hdr file and a object but when I render its still in the panoramic view and it seems the background isn't rendering aswell what can be ...
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Cycles: envirement background for lighting different then render background

I know from here that it is possible to set an image as a world background. But I'm creating a stylised render and my background should not affect world lighting, that should be white. How can I ...
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Is there any way to put camera inside the sphere? [closed]

I'd like to use the inside of the sphere as the background image. Is there any way to do that?
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World background image issue

For some reason I can't seem to find any of the options to make the image I've selected a world background image in blender (2.76). They tutorials says options like influence and angular map but I ...
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Cycles not rendering with background image

So two problems I am having. First, I have a background image with it set to all views. I went into the node editor and added the image and connected it to the alpha over node along with the render ...
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How to fix bland-looking renders (Cycles)

Does GPU affect the rendered image quality and level of detail? I just feel like my renders are bland and like, the glossyness on the materials just make it look like someone rubbed their shirt on a ...
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My HDRI doesn't appear on Cycles Render [duplicate]

I added an HDRI image (or also I tried, with Jpeg) but when I apply it, it only appears a single color. I think it could be from the image, but it doesn't appear completely as it should be.
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