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I've looked everywhere and all I can find is how to make realistic grass using hair particles. What I'm trying to do is create a sort of low poly scene using grass that I modelled myself. I put it ...
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Particle System (Hair) - Rendered objects appears rotated/ off place [duplicate]

I was working on creating a grass plane and during the process of creating it, I made a plane on which the particle system was to be applied and an object - grass blade which is to be dispersed on the ...
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How to make mushrooms stand on floor? [duplicate]

I have been following a cave tutorial from Blender Guru and I am stuck with my mushrooms after the weight paint. The mushrooms are located in the right area but the steams are sticking through the ...
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Object Scatter not placing on the surface, any solutions that places it on the surface? [duplicate]

Recently, I have been working with placing down objects, including candy canes and rocks, with the Object Scatter Blender Plugin. However, I have found that the scattered duplicator (the triangles) ...
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my objects glitch through plane when i try to make them particals [duplicate]

how do i fix this so the pear objects are actually on the plane instead of inside
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Making hair go straight up instead of following the shape?

So I'm making trees on a hill. But from what I know, trees grow straight up, and not at an angle. So how would you make the hair particles go straight up and not at an angle. Here's an example of the ...
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Particle system floating in the air

My particle system is partly above the mesh and not distributed all over the mesh. Particles system Particle system settings top-bottom Emitters' origins and location How do I prevent the ...
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Have particles come from faces

I'm using an emission particle system to create a forest. For the most part it's working fine without problems. But I do have a little problem. Some of my trees tend to float over the plane rather ...
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scattering instances in Blender

Let's say, I want to populate a parking lot with cars. Coming from Modo, I'd use replicators: -create an array of polygons, one for each parking space -create a group of cars -add a replicator item, ...
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Particles should be on ground

I need it to be on the ground. What am I doing wrong here?
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how can I make droplets placed on a cup properly? [duplicate]

I am trying to achieve a scene where a cup of glass covered with droplets. I'm using particles system and a group of droplets from separate layer, to make it possible, but I can't get droplets appear ...
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problem with making grass? [duplicate]

I am beginner in blender. I want to make grass. but I want to put all parts of grass on the soil . but I can not. how to do it?
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