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Make hole with right topology [duplicate]

My question is simple, but I cant find solid answer for this. I can make hole in face like this: But it makes a lot of 3 polygons faces. or make hole like this: Is it better to make holes in few ...
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Why does Blender allow faces whose vertices are not on a single plane? [duplicate]

I dissolved one corner of a cube: And got this weird face: It doesn't make sense to me cause it's not a "face" in a geometrical sense. Why do faces like this exist in Blender and is there any usage ...
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Is this possible to avoid ngon in this case? [duplicate]

I have this curved surface: With subdiv modifier it looks exactly as I want: So is this the only way to get such a geometry? If I add a connection between vertices, it changes the shape of ...
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Is it bad to have Vertices/Edges/Faces just lying on top of the mesh and not actually be connected [duplicate]

Is it bad to have faces just lying on top of the mesh (marked with blue) or is it better to connect them by cutting the mesh under it with knife tool and create 4gon faces but get more geometry as I ...
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What are good practices for meshes? [duplicate]

Do i need force myself to create 3-4-sided polygons like on 1st picture or i can make faces like on 2nd pic? Does it depend on future use of the model (CNC, animation etc).
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How can I fix these vertices/lines without messing up my whole mesh? [duplicate]

So I found out why my mesh acts weird when exporting, how can i 'smooth' those vertices / Lines without messing up the whole mesh?? Tyi
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Why should triangle meshes be avoided for character animation?

I've read many times that triangles should be avoided in meshes; to give one reference: "Introducing Character Animation with Blender by Tony Mullen" says that equilateral triangles work ...
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I thought you should never use triangles?

I was curious on looking to how does an anime topology look like. I've looked into pictures and videos and I thought the best way to learn took into it is to see it for myself. So I used ninja ripper ...
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Flat quads (or, why is my mesh so funky?)

I think my question relates to a fundamental of 3D modeling that I haven't picked up on yet. It's very simple: Let's say I have a flat quad. A plane on the XY plane inserted into am empty blender ...
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Cut mesh at intersection

I have an extruded rectangle that intersects the side of the cylinder. I need this extruded rectangle to cut a hole out of the side of the cylinder. Below is a picture: (Ignore the middle segment) I ...
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How can Tris be used to an advantage?

Tris are things you would avoid when it comes to shading, and good Topology, so do Tris do any good? Also I am currently working on Game Asset Creation and I would like to know if Tris are actually ...
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How to create a simple extruded box model?

I am new to Blender and was wondering how I'd build a shape like so in blender? I.e. what tools are usually used for these type of organic curves?! the walls are 1mm thick and im wondering how would I ...
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can't subdivide face

I can't subdivide the front face in a model. I want to put more materials on the model, I used a Boolean modifier, and caused triangle faces. I don't know if that makes any difference but I need to ...
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Eliminating edges connecting islands

I'm working on a control station that has buttons. It is a continuous single mesh model. That means, I don't want to create buttons and other details separated from the main mesh, but as you can see I ...
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object deforms strangely when using the subsurf modifier [duplicate]

I am trying to make an axe and stomped upon this problem...having no idea how to resolve it. 1st photo is with subdivision. second is without.
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