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How to avoid noisy renders in Cycles?

I know that this question is a bit old or maybe overdone, but I'm running the latest edition of Blender and when I use the Cycles engine I get really fuzzy results and I can't find a simple, non-...
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How to reduce fireflies in Cycles?

I often use Cycles' built in Glass BSDF shader to achieve realistic refraction effects, but in many cases, it seems that Cycles' glass caustics creates an unfortunately large number of fireflies (...
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How to render a scene faster in Cycles?

I have a scene of an office. It has chairs, tables, computers, and so on. I would like to know how I can render this scene faster as I am planning to make animation inside the office and don't want ...
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Why do fireflies increase with number of samples when using a hdri light source?

I have a plane with a simple diffuse material. I use an HDR light source from Greg Zaal. The world setup is as simple as this: When I preview, the noise seems to increase with the number of samples. ...
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Why do I have a large black and white artifact on the rendered image? [duplicate]

Cant figure out why the rendered image has a large black and white artifact (on the bottle on the right)? This is the blender file. Appreciate any tips!
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How to reduce noise in really dark scene

So I've been working on this one scene for a while now and I just can't get the look that I want. It is supposed to be a bar and therefore pretty dark. For some reason, nothing I do seems to reduce ...
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Random bright pixels are being rendered [duplicate]

i get these weird pixels when rendering an image here is an exanple i whipped up. not sure of the cause i'm fairly new
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How to I get rid of these dots? [duplicate]

I keep getting these red dots on the whole render. How would I fix this? I’ve tried increasing the samples, this I what I got when samples are at 500: Any help would be greatly appreciated. ...
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Pixels artifacts when rendering glass BSDF with Cycles [duplicate]

I was trying different types of materials with Blender, and I tried to play with the glass with Cycles, but in the render, it makes weird blue pixels on my blue table. Even in the preview tab it ...
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Cycles noise no matter what I do, and the denoiser makes it look cloudy

I realise so many people have asked this question so many times, but I just can't see what I'm doing wrong here. I'm on Blender 2.83.2. I have a simple scene with a room and some objects, some with ...
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Cycles spotlight creates fireflies on glass and glossy materials

Its about spot light lamps in combination with Cycles Glossy and Glas Shaders. In this post i only make use of unchanged shaders "Glossy BSDF" and "Glass BSDF" from cycles. The blend file is here: ...
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How to get rid of fireflies in my metallic materials / cycles (principled bsdf) [duplicate]

i've been working on this Project for a while now and i am struggling with fireflies all over my metallic materials, I can easily get rid of them inside Photoshop but i would like to render an ...
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Firefles in Glass rendering

Every time I use glass material in Cycles render with diffuse or any other material with the help of mix shader, I always see 'fireflies' (small random illuminated pixels). I have already tried ...
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How to reduce noise [duplicate]

enter link description here after enabling depth of field i faced with problem of noise. Metal objets especially looks very bad. How to fix it?
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Is it possible to have more fireflies at the same time I use more samples?

I am referring to the white dots that appear in glossy objects. I moved a little the metal carpentry for the second image, and I got less noise in the horizontal ones which are on the top, but for ...
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