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Help with using Boolean modifier to subtract from a cube [duplicate]

I'm trying to subtract the Barium object from a cube to effectively create the inverse surface using Boolean modifier --> Subtract but can't seem to get it to work. How would I go about doing this?
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Create Rice Krispies In Chocolate [duplicate]

I'd like to replicate the picture below. I already know how to create the basic chocolate, however I'm unable to wrap my head around creating the rice krispy bumps on the surface. If anybody knows of ...
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rise cookie with shaders? [duplicate]

Is possible to create a shader like this rise cookie? I can notice that some areas have holes but some other looks like bumps at the same time? using bump and displacement at the same time with a ...
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How to create a bumpy rubber material?

I am trying to create a decent approximation of the bumpy rubber material depicted in the reference image below. I'm not intimately familiar with nodes, but I figure this is the best route? Ultimately ...
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How can I make these holes in the surface of my object (chocolate)?

I'm trying to make a chocolate bar that looks realistic and I'm looking for advice. This is my reference: Before reading the below, if anyone just has any tips in general for how to achieve this I ...
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Emit particles from boolean intersection

I would like to emit particles from the boolean intersection between a cube and an irregularly shaped object. The end result is like this: So, I need to emit particles only from the yellow area. The ...
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Modeling the inside of a chocolate

I m modeling an alfajor [cookie sandwich] cut in half. I would like to know how the cut part is modeled. How is it done so that the upper part has one material and the internal part another? How are ...
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How do you use the Boolean Modifier on an Ocean Modifier to cut a cube in half and apply a material to the bottom half only

I would like to create a cross section of a patch of ocean (animated surface at the top, terrain at the bottom and water in-between), the starting point is to create this... ... how can this be done ...
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Create Indian dish 'idli' texture and rough edges?

This is the image of the dish I am trying to make in Blender, I am having hard time with the texture and randomness of it as all the pores are not exactly circular. I also needed help with the rough ...
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How do i start making this character?

I need some help, tried making this character...started off by using meta ball, then tried subdividing a cuboid and what not....i want help with how to get the base mesh ready
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Fitnessbar texture

I have to create a texture similar to this bar]1 or this]2 but i can't create something like that with the displace because i have some ...
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