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Bevel is not symmetrical

I was trying to model a desk and came across a problem, I can't seem to solve. I wanted to create a simple bevel. I used Mesh > Edges > Bevel on a selected ...
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Bevel not...beveling properly [duplicate]

I'm taking a course and the instructor has beveled an edge and I cannot get the same result. My bevel only bevels on segment on one side then the rest, about 4 or 5 segments bevel on the other side. ...
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Bevel edge rounds more on 1 side than another side [duplicate]

I am trying to bevel a rectangle edge to make rounded edges but when I bevel, I am rounding more of one side compared to the shorter side of the rectangle. How can I bevel the same amount on both ...
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Can't bevel to a smooth edge [duplicate]

I'm frustrated that I can't bevel an edge. The change is in a larger area than I would like and I can't get a smooth edge. I'm trying to learn Blender having used 3dsmax and maya before, but something ...
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Bevelling equally in both direction [duplicate]

I have a box that is just a thin slice with different width and length. I want to bevel the edges, but it is applying some kind of asymetry related to the aspect ratio of my box. How can I make a ...
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Bevel Tool not cutting evenly [duplicate]

Does the Bevel Tool only evenly Bevel if the object is a pure cube or square? My Bevel Tool currently only cuts into one face, at a sort of 5-1 ratio rather than an even spread. In this example, I ...
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How to bevel edges evenly [duplicate]

I am using version 2.9. I am trying bevel edges evenly, but they don't look right. Any suggestion, please? Thanks in advance. EDIT I just checked x, y, z scales in transform settings. When I right-...
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Bevel not working properly [duplicate]

My bevel tool seems to be broken. It works normally on simple objects, but not on long objects. Look: I want to know how to make the edge of the second image like the first image. Ask for more ...
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Bevel only works in 2 dimensions [duplicate]

I want to bevel 3 cubes. To do that, I following a tutorial. In this tutorial, the author accomplishes the following: I try to do the same, but for me, it doesn't do the same. Instead, it seems to ...
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Make bevel sharper [duplicate]

I think many have encountered this problem. Usually the bevel becomes round when it is used. Like here, for example However, when you use the bevel on more elongated objects, it becomes oval. How to ...
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Bevel problem (im new to blender) [duplicate]

I recently got to blender and while trying out the bevel modifier on a cube i couldnt get what i wanted. I am using blender 3.3.1. So i wanted this: But i can only get this: How do i fix it? and ...
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Bevel issue (noob question) [duplicate]

Why i cant bevel this corner properly. I thought i should apply scale but it doesn't help.
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Why is it important to apply transformation to an objects data?

I've watched several tutorials and very often they applied the location, rotation or scale to the object when they transformed it in Object Mode. They always said it is important, but why?
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Why do the measurements of this object seem erroneous?

I just found out about the Mesh Display : Length feature in the "N" panel (thanks to this seemingly-migratable question) that allows one to measure the length of a face or vertice. But my first ...
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Create cut from the wall exactly 0.3m in

I have a 3d plane as the floor that's an odd shape. I'm trying to create walls in from the side of exactly 0.3m. Attempt 1 Use knife tool. This works but don't know how to set in from the edge exactly....
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