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Area Light vs. Emissive Polygon

Both an area light and an emissive polygon can be used to create lights. What is the difference between the two?
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When should MIS be used and when should it be disabled?

I understand what Multiple Importance Sampling (or MIS) does, but are there any drawbacks to using it? When should MIS be used? Is there any case where one would not want to use it?
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Why does my final render image have white particles all over the lighting area? [duplicate]

How can I get rid of those little white dots? I am using Blender 2.70a.
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What is a shadow ray?

I have read the Blender documentation wikis on both the light path node and on light paths. But neither of them seems to clearly explain what a shadow ray is. For instance, the light paths wiki says:...
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Why do fireflies increase with number of samples when using a hdri light source?

I have a plane with a simple diffuse material. I use an HDR light source from Greg Zaal. The world setup is as simple as this: When I preview, the noise seems to increase with the number of samples. ...
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Render is incredibly Grainy! [duplicate]

I'm new to blender and I started last week. I'm now having trouble with the final results of my render, it looks incredibly grainy. What I have tried so far is that I changed the resolution to 100% , ...
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How to avoid grainy renderings in Cycles?

I've read this question and its answers, but they didn't solve my problem, so I am re-asking this question under the context of my setup. I am rendering some planes under HDRI lighting. These planes'...
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Need to understand how to show reflected light well with cycles

I want to show light reflected from a flat, mirror-like surface onto a diffuse surface. I noticed that even when everything else looks good, the light reflected from the mirror is 100% fireflies. When ...
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Cycles render, noisy even when using a high number of samples

I've seen other questions around, but none that answered my current problem. I've been working on this scene for a few days, and when I wanted to render it, the produced result wasn't quite like I ...
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Blender Cycles Slow Rendering Interior Scene

I have create a very basic blender scene with Suzanne and a modified cube with no UVs and only basic materials. The scene contains about 3 emissive lights. Using the cycles rendering engine, when ...
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Spherical emitter does not illuminate very well?

I remember when I was recreating my bathroom and I modeled the lamp and gave it a glass material, but when I came to the lighting it got confusing. I modeled a sphere in the lamp because in real life ...
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Fireflies / noise on glossy material

I have a bunch of glossy balloons lit by a sun lamp and the world (Background Sky Texture). This is the nodes setup. After rendering I have the image below. When we look at a more detailed level we ...
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Noise on glass in cycles

I cannot get rid of noise/fireflies in my glass shattering scene, rendering with cycles. I've tried all of the following suggestions: Increasing Samples (up to 4000, still tons of noise) Filter ...
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Cycles is not rendering caustics, even though "No Caustics" is disabled?

I am having difficulties with the Glass shader because there are no caustics and the shadows that show up in the glass shaded object look as if they are blobs of ink. I do have the 'No Caustics' ...
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Reflection artifacts when rendering

Sometimes I get these weird white reflections, that don't look real at all. I have a white sunlamp in the scene. Is there something I can do to stop this? EDIT: 10x smaller sunlamp, added glare (...
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