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How to get objects from different files into one file? [duplicate]

When I click open, I get to I wanted to open, but I lose everything else. How can I open two files into one?
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How to get nodes from one .blend file into another? [duplicate]

I have two .blend files, and I want to get nodes from one into the other .blend file.
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How to add an object from another scene? [duplicate]

I'm am trying to create a scene in Blender, by adding in another object from a previously created scene that is on a separate .blend file. How can I do this? I have tried to append an object from one ....
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How do i copy material from one .blend file to another? [duplicate]

I have two different files (rigs) which I would like to append one to the other, I did this by appending the object of one. Although now the material of this object is missing. How do i append it?
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How to use a Mesh from one project in another? [duplicate]

I've been confused about this one for quite some time now. If I were to create a project of a character by itself, and I created another project with just scenery, how do I put the character into the ...
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How to combine two Blender projects [duplicate]

I am making an apple with a face and I made the actual body and the face separate. Both parts are in different files and I was wondering how I can merge them into one file so I can attach them ...
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Blender 2.8. Export material [duplicate]

I made this water material and I was wondering how to export this material to use in other projects. Haven't find a concrete answer to this for some reason.
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How do you combine two different blender files? [duplicate]

I have one file with a scene containing animation in one file and in the other file I have an object with armature. Is there any way I can bring the object with the armature into the file with the ...
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Combine multiple blender files [duplicate]

I'd like to know if it's possible to link a .blend with another .blend file. For example, I have a House .blend file, but it has no doors. I'd like to add multiple of the same door .blend file to the ...
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How to create a blender object to be used in other blender objects [duplicate]

I am thinking of creating a number of 3D objects/models which will have a particular object/model in all of them, for example a building which I will use in many other projects with different ...
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How do I combine scenes for a small animation? [duplicate]

I want to make a small animation that will be made up of 3-4 scenes. How do I combine these? I'm using blender 3.1 and am rendering in cycles. Any help is appreciated thanks!
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How do I export a mesh then import it in to another blender file while keeping the original textures? [duplicate]

What sort of exporting format should I be using? Or will I have to re-assign all of the textures again? Thanks.
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How to put a Part of my Model into a New File [duplicate]

I'm Newbie and i have a packet of Trees which are packed into one single 3ds file. How can i make seperate models of it? In Photoshop etc, i'd use "Copy&Paste" it into a new File, how is it done ...
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Gather several 3D objects with textures into 1 blender file [duplicate]

I'm a beginner. I have several .blend models with textures, saved separately. I would like to gather them all in a new file, with their textures properly applied. I thought this would be simple but ...
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Use Shader, Objects etc. from other Projects [duplicate]

Just a simple question. Is there a way to save shaders/object in blender? Or just browse other projects and import stuff into other Projects. I know i could open a older project, copy shader & ...
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