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I'm currently developing a blender plugin, and need to be able to show drop down lists where users can choose a material and object from the project, but I can't work out how to do it. Does anyone ...
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Addon button for picking material [duplicate]

I'm having a difficulty trying to add a button to my add-on Tools menu for picking a material. Currently I'm doing it by bpy.props.StringProperty() so the user has to write the correct material. Is it ...
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Group input in panel with python [duplicate]

How can I add an UI widget for a group input? Example: Physics > Smoke > Smoke Groups How can I create such a field in a panel with a python script?
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Is it possible to use bpy.props.PointerProperty to store a pointer to an object?

If the user renames an object, the reference via string key is lost. Is it possible to store a pointer to an object in a property assigned to a class of bpy.types ...
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Object selection box with eyedropper

How to add an eyedropper functionality to prop_search in my addon? ...
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Search custom properties in objects on the scene (Python)

Is it possible to somehow search all objects on the scene which have a custom property enabled using prop_search? I know how to do this with dynamic EnumProperty but it seems to be not an option as ...
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Selecting a font in python panel

I'm trying to use prop_search to select a font that is loaded in the current blender file, similar to the example given here. The problem is I can't figure out ...
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Update list based on external file

I am writing an addon to help me manage my multi-file addons. Its coming along really nicely, but I want it to work no matter what .blend file I have open, so I have it save each project's data to an ...
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Add object selector in the slide-bar

I'm making an add-on located in the slidebar and I need an object picker for later on referencing that object. For now this is what I have: And I would like to add the object picker (like this): ...
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selecting in python: ask to pick an object? [duplicate]

How do I create a picking session in python? Say I have a script that does some operations, but its want the user to pick first a source object and then a target? How do I invoke the picking? My guess ...
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How to limit possible objects from an object chooser in Python [duplicate]

I just read through this thread: Object selection box in addon Is there a way to have similar function but to make the selection in the box limited to a list of objects defined by the programmer in ...
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