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Cleaning up overlapping geometry from Skin Modifier

A client wants me to prepare a 3D model of a city's street network for 3D printing. She provided an Illustrator file with lines, which I exported as a dxf and imported into Blender. The thickness ...
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Importing an .fbx file and exporting as .stl results in a blocky model (3d printing)

Trying to make some models into .stl so that I can 3d print, but when I export my .fbx as an .stl, the model ends up looking blocky in a way. Assuming anyone understands what I mean by blocky, what ...
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Solidify warps model

I have been trying to solidify this Ratchet that I've been resculpting from a Transformers Prime Wii Model. I still don't have Screenshots, but I do have the Blend File this time. I've been struggling ...
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How can I see where a mesh is open?

I have a mesh that is supposedly open, but I can't see any holes in it. Is there a way I could find where they are?
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why does my obj have differnt shades of grey on faces in object view

Why does my object have different shades of grey on faces in Object Mode? It also looks and glitches when I export it to Roblox studio, and the different shades are still there even with a material or ...
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Weird clouds appearing when converting mesh into SDF

I'm following this tutorial on how to morph one object into another. It converts an object into an SDF, similar to a Metaball, so they can merge together. It works for most objects, but the ones I am ...
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I created this circle with geometry nodes but its not filling faces, I connected Fill curve node but still not working

I Just want to create a pie chart animation, so i created a circle with goemetry nodes but its not filling faces of up side
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How do I fill in a 3d mesh?

I want to 3d print a model I made using mineways. The print fails because the model is hollow though and I need to fill it. There is a post asking for something similar to what I am asking but I want ...
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Why isnt the whole shape extruding where i selected?

So im watching this video go to 1:55 and when i press e to extrude its not working it doesnt extrude correctly. im just getting ...
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How to add triangle crevices to the bottom of my bulb model like the 2D image?

I am trying to get the above model to look something like the vector image below, but in 3D, I am not able to picture how I can get the below look without making the mesh get weird shading.
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Fix non manifold edges for 3d printing a lego piece

This is my first ever using Blender and attempting to 3D print. I've cleaned up the piece by deleting edges (Limited Dissolve), intercepting faces (Knife) and deleting some of the non-manifold faces ...
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Removing Part of Plane Inside Intersecting Object

My fiancé owns a homemade dog treat business and the process of making the small sized treats is very tedious since the cookie cutter is so small. I'm trying to design a cookie cutter that she can use ...
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faces bevel in different directions

the issues is the vertices locations are different so when I bevel it goes really bad like this : every face goes in it's own direction so how can I change the vertices direction also the faces ...
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Where are the non-manifold edges?

After reading this useful link and following some of the repair suggestions, I still cannot fix the manifold edges. What is non-manifold geometry? Its not clear to me where the issue lies? I do not ...
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Object folding in on itself

I am working on a bedroom project in Blender while following a tutorial. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but while attempting to color the walls of my bedroom, I realized some of the parts were- ...
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