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what does manifold mean in context of surface building [duplicate]

This question is different as I seek to know a particular context of this subject i.e. wrt 3d printing. It is important for me to know what this means. " So, projection onto the first coordinate ...
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why does loop-cut-and-slide ignore some faces but not others?

why does the loop-cut-and-slide operation ignore certain faces but happily cut others?the model is symmetrical so it is a bit strange to pick 3 faces that won't get cut. I tried applying it to see if ...
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Some edges on model won't Bevel

I'm very new to Blender. I've used a loop cut and slide to make the shapes I want to indent in this object, then extruded them inward to get them how they look now, then dissolved the unnecessary ...
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Why can't I loop cut a cone? [duplicate]

Why can't I loop cut a cone? I started a new file, created a cone and did nothing but try to loop cut it, and it didn't work.
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Creating an implant for spinal surgery - workflow questions

Pretty new to Blender here and with a pretty specific set of questions. The situation: I'm a vet looking to operate on a dog's spine. I want to put screws in a very specific location to avoid ...
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Removing internal geometry before 3D printing

I am pretty new to Blender but I looked at some tutorials on how to build my own structure etc. I found one Youtube video at about 2:05 minutes, where they select all inner vertices with some clicks ...
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Boolean modifier: Carve vs BMesh solver

What is the difference between the solver for the Boolean operator. It is obvious that Carve and BMesh give different result, ...
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Edit STL file and perform a very simple cut

My goal is simple and as I have seen, there are multiple methods to perform a mesh "cut" but most are examples using a simple cube or sphere object. Being brand new to 3d prints, there is an object ...
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cut a hole with boolean modifer not working

I'm attempting to cut a hole in a plane. I added a cylinder object, added the Boolean modifier to the plane, selected "cylinder" and "Difference", but no hole is made. The lower half of the cylinder ...
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Cell Fracture addon leaving unfractured boxes?

I have been trying to make a short clip of a bullet hitting a wine glass with wine in it, but I keep running into the same problem with the add-on. Every time I have used it the result has left me ...
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Can't dissolve certain edges

I can't tell why though... I tried to select all the edges and dissolve them but to no avail. I tried with only one edge selected but i wont do it... Can someone help me?
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Blender Boolean modifier: Difference behaves like union

Attached is an example in which difference modifier behaves like union. Is this is a bug (I think so)? See this .blender example in which I tried to use boolean modifier difference (Child is ...
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Fixing non-manifold edge for 3d printing

I need to print out a toothed ring but it prints out as a disk, ie with the ring filled in. On checking the stl file in blender it has non-manifold edges and I think these confuse the printer. I can ...
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How to deal with Cannot Execute Boolean

Some times when using a Boolean modifier, it will return the error "Cannot Execute Boolean Operation". This will often happen with multiple Boolean modifiers. Here is an example file. What causes ...
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Is there a way to "merge" two extruded regions to one?

I have a model as shown below, which is the product of two extrudes, bottom step followed by upper step. These are disjoint which I can see if I select the front face of the upper stair and drag it up,...
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