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How do I export user preferences from blender 2.77 to 2.78? [duplicate]

When I upgraded to blender 2.78, I couldn't recover my old user preferences settings. I had my own theme, my own hotkeys, and my preferred addons. I tried to figure out which files but I couldn't . ...
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Updated version of Blender [duplicate]

I just want to make sure I keep all my user preferences. When I install the updated version of blender, how can I keep all my user preferences?
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Transfering add-ons between blender builds

So, I got the blender 2.83 alpha build and, I have all of my bizillion add-ons on 2.82 beta. If I download a new version of 2.82, it will automatically update the newest version of 2.82 with all of my ...
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How to use a standalone blender (not using global preferences)

Sometimes you need to use Blender without the standard shared preferences (addons, startup file, ...) for testing or to be sure to use the default settings without changing your usual preferences. So ...
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How to properly update Blender? [duplicate]

I want to update Blender, but I want to preserve all my old user settings etc. Should I just install the new version over the old folder (like the exact folder, in my case "Blender 2.93"), ...
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Where does blender store its config files? [duplicate]

I want to be able to change and store all the settings blender has in a configuration file. Eventually I would like to be able to make self-contained blender plugins that also affect the configuration ...
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Is the adjustable settings when you first load in an object bugged?

When you first load in an object in Blender you usually get a pop up in the bottle left corner with options like minor radius and stuff like that to adjust. That pops up but its blacked out and I can ...
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Controlling 2.8 startup behaviour

The 2.8 manual states: For locally extracted Blender distributions, the user configuration and run-time data are kept in the same subdirectory, allowing multiple Blender versions to run without ...
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How to copy previous settings after the first try? [duplicate]

So I just downloaded 2.71 (YAY!) and tried the super-handy "copy previous settings" option on the splashscreen... ...but Blender froze (prolly cuz I had another instance open at the time). No worries,...
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