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Python performance with Blender operators

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Why avoid bpy.ops?

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Blender 2.8 API, python, set active object

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Run an edit-mode operator on every object in the scene

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What's the difference among object, active_object, and selected_objects?

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Python- problem with "['anyobject'].select=True "

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How to assign a new material for each object using Python?

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How to apply a bevel to a curve using python?

In a previous version of blender I had script that applied a bevel to a curve, but now cannot get it to work in 2.92. or above. I want to apply the bevel to an object referenced by the variable ...
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KeyError: 'bpy_prop_collection[key]: key "m_avg_Pelvis" not found' but that key actually exist

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Unable to deselect newly added object with Python (Change red selection to orange) - Blender 2.8

I am trying to add an object using from_pydata but am unable to deselect the added item - which is currently outlined in red and then select it so it is outlined in orange - and enter Edit mode. `...
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