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How to update my blender without losing all my settings on mac [duplicate]

How do i update to blender 2.91 on Mac i currently have version 2.83. How do I update to version 2.91 useing Homebrew? without overwriting
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Export/Import Screen Layouts [duplicate]

Just downloaded the latest version of Blender and was hoping for an easy way to port over some screen layouts made in the previous version. Here's what worked for me: Open previous version of ...
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Where does blender store its config files? [duplicate]

I want to be able to change and store all the settings blender has in a configuration file. Eventually I would like to be able to make self-contained blender plugins that also affect the configuration ...
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Updated version of Blender [duplicate]

I just want to make sure I keep all my user preferences. When I install the updated version of blender, how can I keep all my user preferences?
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How do you update blender on Mac OS without losing preferences? [duplicate]

This feels a little like the elephant in the room no one is talking about. One of the most excellent things about Blender is that it is updated so frequently. The downside is moving preferences around ...
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How to copy previous settings after the first try? [duplicate]

So I just downloaded 2.71 (YAY!) and tried the super-handy "copy previous settings" option on the splashscreen... ...but Blender froze (prolly cuz I had another instance open at the time). No worries,...
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How to change Blender's default startup settings?

How can I change Blender from the default cube/lamp/camera default setup? Also, is it possible to change other features, such as the default view direction (Top, Side, etc) or the Editor type (3D View,...
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Console flashes on launching, then closes (ms-windows)

I installed blender on a windows 7 64 bit system. I opened it one time then went to the tutorials. in the meantime I had a power failure and when I tried to start blender again I get a dos window ...
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Is it advisable to update Blender to the newest version as soon as possible each time?

I know Blender is free software and bugs happen. But my question is, is it good practice to update Blender every time there is an update? Even if a minor one? (i.e I'd consider 2.56 to 2.56b minor or ...
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Blender icons have no label

I have Blender downloaded and installed on my computer. On startup it shows icons having no labels. As a newbie it is virtually impossible to follow any tutorial with this interface. How can I fix ...
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Transfering add-ons between blender builds

So, I got the blender 2.83 alpha build and, I have all of my bizillion add-ons on 2.82 beta. If I download a new version of 2.82, it will automatically update the newest version of 2.82 with all of my ...
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Blender functions that randomly stop working then start working again [closed]

I have recently experienced two Blender functions randomly stop working, then later start working again with no apparent reason. These functions I use daily and they worked fine for weeks before I ...
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Where does a .blend file store its user preferences? [duplicate]

Last night windows updated and restarted computer while blender was rendering. Today that file will not run - freezes blender if I try to load it and so does the immediately previous .blend file. If ...
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Shared preferences/addons across different machines (e.g. Dropbox)

how do you guys keep your settings when switching computers (e.g. home/work)? I'm still in the process of finding my perfect setup, and I would like to have all the changes that I make and all the ...
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Is losing my settings upon updating a problem with the steam version of blender?

At the moment I use steam to keep blender up to date, but I think since 2.8 (or maybe 2.79 didn't update often enough for me to notice) I've been losing my settings with every update. Is this just ...
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