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How to avoid multiple running instances of same handler function when running it from editor?

I'm doing simple handler script that gets appended to Every time I do a changes to it and hit Alt+P it registers itself again ...
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draw 3d shape (n-gone) in 3D view

I know how to draw lines, points, 2d shape like rectangle, but how to draw shape by vertices from selected face? So basically, I need to redraw selected faces with 'gpu.state.depth_test_set("NONE&...
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Auto-set parameters when panel opens

I would like to set various parameters when I open a panel. By parameter I mean toggling the bounds for an object or changing object.display_type etc. Is there a python way of calling some code (...
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draw text always face the viewer in 3D view

I'd like to write a script to draw some text in 3D view, and I need it always face the viewer, how can I achieve this? update: My own answer as below.
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operator error when open a new file

The operator work correctly when I call it. But report error when I open a new file. ...
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Display series of 2D squares using GPU Shader Module

My addon makes measurements on objects and assign a color to the objects according to the measured value. Now I would like to display a series of stacked coloured squares in the viewport to serve as a ...
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How do I display a property in the viewport without using a modal operator? [duplicate]

I want to display a property in the viewport without using a modal operator. is it possible? I found this, but I did not understand how I can use (I started with python).
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Removing space draw callbacks after losing the handle?

A small edit of test code from GPU Shader Module (gpu) "Mesh with Random Vertex Colors" to save the handle to the driver namespace ... ...
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Display text on 3d viewport [duplicate]

Is there a way to display text on the 3d viewport. (not text objects) After running a script I would like to display instructions on what to do next. I have tried this scrip and it works well.. is ...
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Selection Event for F-Curve in Graph Editor

I'm trying to catch an event when an F-Curve is selected in my add-on. I've added a handler to where I'm iterating through bpy.context.view_layer.depsgraph....
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How to lock an updating object to the screen using scripts (Blender 3.5)

I wanted to create an object that automatically updates with scripts and displays on the screen in a fixed position in Blender viewport. Kind of like how 'Objectives' in the top right of the image ...
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How to display various info text in viewport [duplicate]

How to display various and custom info text in viewport with script and clean with another script and /or shortcut in blender 2.8+(im using 2.9). SCRIPT FOR DISPLAY ...
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