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How to select and assign vertices to a vertex group via python? [duplicate]

How to select and assign vertices to a vertex group via python? I have a script that generates random hair on sphere, and I want to make it work for a custom head mannequin, so I have to assign ...
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How do I get indices of manually created vertex group via python? [duplicate]

I manually created a vertex group with needed vertices in blender. How do I get indices of its vertices to then create a vertex group with this vertices via python?
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Why avoid bpy.ops?

Simple and maybe stupid question: I was reading this lot of time, that "you should avoid using bpy.ops, or "instead of ...
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Checking if a vertex belongs to a vertex group in python

I'm trying to check whether or not a vertex belongs to a particular group, I've seen a couple methods, I'm wondering why the following does not move any vertices. ...
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How can I get the names of the vertex groups these vertices are in?

In my mesh I have few vertices which are in more then 4 vertex groups. I know the indices of those vertices, is there a way to get names of those vertex groups? Many tnx
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How to assign vertex groups and bone weights through Blender's Python API?

I'm making a script to import custom objects, it is still at early stage but so far vertices, faces and uv are created correctly. I want to do weight painting through Blender's Python API but I don't ...
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How to modify vertex groups through script

I'm trying to modify an object's vertex groups from a python script. I've come up with the following code which throws no errors, but doesn't change the values in the vertex groups: ...
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How can i get the weight for all vertices in a vertex group?

I have created this function to get the weights from a group: ...
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foreach_get/set a mesh vertex group data?

I'm searching how to batch set/get vertex group data inside blender. using foreach_get() foreach_set() function from[0].data.vertices & numpy for a fast calculation. but it seem ...
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how to check if a vertex group is empty or not with python

I am figuring out a way to check if vertex group is empty or not. if it contains at least 1 vertex or totally empty. I am trying to make if condition to check for empty vertex group and delete the ...
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How to create 2 distinct objects from a single object with 2 Vertex Groups? (python)

I created this example, where I only have 1 object that contains 2 cubes (mesh). These cubes respectively have a vertex group,1 UV Map and share 4 materials. Vertex group "Cube1" white and green ...
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Vertex vs texture map

I am trying to select a model vertex by the textures alpha trough the python. But I cant figure out relationship between meshes vertex, uv-vertex and texture´s pixel rgba information. Can you help ...
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select vertices in a vertex group

I have a problem, I use a mesh of about 230,000 vertices and 500,000 faces, it contains vertex groups, suppose you have to query a vertex group database and this returns some of them that you want to ...
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How to clean weight groups by script?

After transferring weights from one object to another vertices might get multiple groups with very low weights. In weight painting view there is a tool 'Clean' that allows to remove all the groups ...
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How can i remove verts in specific Group in VertexGroups via python?

i use Blender v2.76 and i try to remove vertices in specific Vertex Group via python ? my specific group is atm "Test123" (only example), i try now via python to remove the selected vertices from the ...
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