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Create sharp crease in smooth Mesh [duplicate]

While modeling an Audi R8 I have the following problem. The thing I want to create is seen in this image: I want to create a sharp crease (outlined in red) which starts around the first exhaust and ...
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Smooth a Cylinder in one direction [duplicate]

I think this question is already answered anywhere, but I couldn't find a solution with my search terms :/ . So I got this model and I only want to smooth out the cylinder parts, but not the extruded ...
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how to keep Smooth mode from making ripples? [duplicate]

The smooth shading mode is nice, but often times it seems to leave ugly marks where edges are. it doesn't do that between every face, but it does for some faces. I tried flipping normals but all that ...
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How to keep flat faces flat when using smooth shading [duplicate]

Is there a way to make a smooth shaded mesh look like the third column in this example? The six sides of the cube should have their vertex normals aligned with the face normal. Here is what I've ...
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Creating sharp edge between smooth mesh surfaces [duplicate]

I want to create a sharp edge between two smooth mesh surfaces. The upper surface has already been smoothed out nicely, merely using the Shading/UVs > Smooth Face function in the Tool Box (top left of ...
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Forced normals and hard edges? [duplicate]

I'm trying to learn blender in a perspective of making meshes that I can export to game engines. Making nice looking high polys seems to go okey for me, but I have a hard time with controlling my ...
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How to smooth a curved surface without it looking like a paper plate? [duplicate]

I have always had issues with curved surfaces, like the foot of a wine glass, for instance, but I have found that with smoothing them, it makes them to look like either a pancake or a paperplate, here ...
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How to Flatten Geometry and Keep Curved Shape [duplicate]

I'm trying to smooth this curve while maintaining it's shape.
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Shade smooth causes dark colours [duplicate]

I'm trying to model a chair in blender, and i shaded a part of it smooth. The problem is, the bottom of the object becomes darker, and its not an issue with the lighting position. It also shows in ...
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Metallic Material Has Black In It [duplicate]

If you look on the left rails there is some weird black shading? (im using blender cycles)
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Why is there uneven smooth shading? [duplicate]

When creating this mug, some crazy shadows appear when connecting the mug's handle to the actual cup. Auto smooth with normals does not fix this. Blend File:
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Is there an Edge Crease tool for the Smooth option (similar to that used for the Sub surf modifier) [duplicate]

I know this is a long shot (and I'm going to have to go back and delete/recreate my arrays with a subsurf mod) but since I've already locked in most of them: I was wondering if there is a tool that ...
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Why does knife-edge text bevel reflect differently with doubles removed? [duplicate]

(Blender 2.70a, Cycles render engine) Any thoughts on how to get back my smooth glossy surface? I've been working on cleaning up the overlaps caused by adding a bevel to some tight text and have ...
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Strange light artifact [duplicate]

I'm trying to make a realistic render, but I'm having some troubles with lights and reflections In this scene I have three lights around the object, the trouble is in the corners. I can't find why ...
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subdivision problem glitch [duplicate]

When I'm adding subdivision modifier my object freaks out. I'm new to blender and don understand why :o if somebody knows why, it would be greatly appreciated. here is with subdiv modifier here is ...
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