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how to fix "object has no uniform scale"? [duplicate]

I try to unwrap uv on first ever 3d model i made in blender which is Baymax., then that message shows up in upper right corner of screen. The uv map looks so grotesque. I already tried remove double ...
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Having a hard time understanding "Rotate & Scale" "Apply an objects transformation to it's data" [duplicate]

I'm new to Blender and purchased a course on Udemy--"Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D modelling for Beginners". I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around "Rotate & Scale"...
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'to sphere' giving eliptical shape [duplicate]

What is causing this effect? Same thing is happening when I try looptools -> circle.
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Is Applying Transforms Necessary? [duplicate]

Is it necessary to apply all transforms? Everything in my character breaks the second I apply transforms... My shader for my character's eyes, the hair, even the rotation of the eyelids ceases to ...
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Why do we have to apply location, scale, rotation onto a mesh and what are its consequences? [duplicate]

I'm asking as everyone in tutorials apply it onto the mesh but they don't explain it properly. It seems to me that it causes some problems. But I still didn't get why it causes problems if I don't ...
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How to make a circular array using offset object as center?

We know that the there is an Object Offset option for Array modifier, but when trying to make a circular array with that offset object as the center of the array circle, it always doesn't behave quite ...
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Why do the measurements of this object seem erroneous?

I just found out about the Mesh Display : Length feature in the "N" panel (thanks to this seemingly-migratable question) that allows one to measure the length of a face or vertice. But my first ...
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Bevel is not symmetrical

I was trying to model a desk and came across a problem, I can't seem to solve. I wanted to create a simple bevel. I used Mesh > Edges > Bevel on a selected ...
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First time using bevel tool, doesn't bevel evenly. What am i doing wrong? [duplicate]

First off I'll let you know I'm a total noob at blender I've used 3ds Max up until this point, but the company I'm working for at the moment needs me to use blender so I'm trying to make the ...
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How can you change the rotation of a mirror modifier?

I am trying to use the mirror modifier on a cylinder I rotated and edited, but when I apply said modifier it mirrors based off its original angle rather than the new one. How can I fix this?
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How to map an Image on a plane manually?

I'm trying to put an image onto a plane. I've used the Import Image as Plane add-on, but I'd like to know how to do it myself. I tried setting my image as the texture for the plane, but it appeared ...
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Inset in Blender not coming out even [duplicate]

I seem to have screwed up something that allows you to inset evenly, I think I have tried every combination of settings in inset and pivot center and even is far from even. I tried uninstalling and ...
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Reset object rotation

My object has been rotated randomly for some reason on all axis. When I import it into Unity the rotation still applies. How can I reset it so it's the right way up?
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How do you make a cluster of cubes explode?

How can you make a bunch of objects explode? I don't mean fracture, I just mean shoot off in random directions. I want to know how to do this for a rigid body simulation. So how can this be ...
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How do I make bevel equal on both sides of the edge? [duplicate]

I am new to Blender and learning little as I go. I notice that when I bevel on a cube's edge with n-segments, the effect is a nice even bevel (quarter circle). However, if I make a rectangle (as shown ...
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