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How to free a fluid bake on the commandline?

I want to rerun the fluid bake. I'm using the code at to bake the fluid, which seems to work. I try a variation on this code, to free the fluid: ...
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Mantaflow bake fluid from command line, "NameError" : not defined

When trying to bake fluid from command line using: import bpy bpy.ops.fluid.bake_all() I receive the following errors: ...
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baking fluids, then exporting/re-importing as shape keys, or object meshes?

Recently found out apparently I have to "bake" an animation that uses fluids, before I can actually render it. However, I need to have the 'baked' fluids built into the blender file, but it doesn't ...
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How do you bake fluid simulation from command line in windows? [duplicate]

How do you bake fluid simulation from command line in windows?
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Blender crashes when Baking fluid

I've been working on a project for a while now, and recently Blender seems to crash whenever I try to bake the fluid involved in that scene. In User Preferences > System > Memory Cache Limit (Under ...
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How to bake fluid and render at once

I am working on some blender projects with fluid and so I wonder how can I make my computer bake fluid and render with only one click. For now I always baked fluid and then clicked again to render. ...
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2.77 Headless Smoke Baking

I just downloaded 2.77 yesterday and am trying to bake a simple Cycles smoke scene composed of a box domain, sphere flow, and two obstacles. Note that I have a peculiar setup; I build my .blends on a ...
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Run blender without GUI?

I'd like to use Blender's physics engine/rendering capabilities headlessly (so it would have to be via command line). I'd like to run a lot of little physics experiments (thousands) on a server. ...
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Where is fluid bake completion time reported?

Where does Blender report on fluid simulation bake completion time?
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Setting the context for cloth bake

I'm having trouble using bpy.ops.ptcache.bake(). I get the error message ...
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Baking smoke on headless machine

I have a linux vps that has some spare resources left from main activity. I can not get the GUI working, but I was thinking if there is a way to use it for baking with python script. I see that there ...
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