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Why does subsurf modifier cause weird deformation at the end of a cylinder?

My problem is simple. I think that the strange deformations on the top are there because there are so many vertices in one face. How do I fix this while maintaining nice topology? Although I ...
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How to handle distortion at the poles of a UV sphere?

I've been working on this helmet today just messing around, completely new to blender. I used a UV sphere to achieve the shape but its lead to an issue I don't know how to fix. I've tried cutting it, ...
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Toon material present some kind of deformation, jagged, spike noise

Please take a look at the images and tell me if there are any way to have a perfect transition between colors and get rid of that noise marked in the last image. There is a way to make that plane ...
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How to remove / reduce wrinkle after adding subdivision surface modifier? [duplicate]

I'm a beginner at blender . I added subdivision surface modifier to my object and chosen the Catmull-Clark . In my tutorial there is no wrinkle on the object , but for a reason i don't know there is a ...
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remove poles from sphere?

hello is it possible to remove these poles on the wireframe and somehow structure the wireframe differently? ive tried deleting faces but it still draws the looks to the pole of the modelled sphere. ...
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how to remove creases on circle mesh while using subdivision modifier

I'm using subdivision modifier on my mesh but there are some creases on it. if I use inset or loop cut, it'll lose its circularity. how to remove these creases?
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How to fix subdivide surface buttholes? [duplicate]

I'm trying to make a smooth circle using subdivision surface but every time I go about it the top and bottom begin to distort into a semi-anus-looking shape and I'm not very fond of it. I'm not sure ...
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Modelling Sphere Pole [duplicate]

I've applied smooth shading and auto smooth to this sphere shape, and when I apply the subsurface modifier I'm getting artefacts on top of the sphere. Ive tried adding loop cuts, and also deleted the ...
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How do I get rid of this star shaped mark on a sphere? [duplicate]

I've seen these weird marks before but I usually get rid of them by making an invert ring by pressing I. But in this case, this doesn't make any rings. Perhaps because it's curved? It worked on a flat ...
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How to smooth a curved surface without it looking like a paper plate? [duplicate]

I have always had issues with curved surfaces, like the foot of a wine glass, for instance, but I have found that with smoothing them, it makes them to look like either a pancake or a paperplate, here ...
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Mesh meeting in the center [duplicate]

I'm sure it's easy to google, but I have no idea how to phrase it to find it. I'm super new to blender and trying to model a spoon, and this is where I'm stuck: How do I get rid of this? I tried ...
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Make head if my figure smoother [duplicate]

I need to make this head smoother. I am already using subdivion surface 3 on whole object. I found here and try select head and use shade smooth. Head stil had that visible lines and just not look ...
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how to fix top faces of Sphere? [duplicate]

When i add Modifier "subdivision surface" it will happen.Don't know why.. [![enter image description here][3]][3]
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Is there a good way to make a "perfect" dome?

Since a UV sphere has poles, the best way to make a "perfect" sphere is subdividing a cube and casting it to a sphere, so there is no pinching. You can make a hemisphere by deleting the ...
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Starring and messy edges when smoothing or using sub surf modifier [duplicate]

I have a problem that when I apply a SubSurf modifier to my project, it has some starring and messy edges around the connection of my spheres. My goal is to have a string of "bubbles" which are smooth....
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