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Object selection box in addon

In my addon panel, how can I have an object selection box? And what data type would I use to store the the selected object? It should look like this:
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How display and use operator properties in a Python Blender UI panel?

I have try to make an UI Panel with my operator, but i can not create a panel with the 2 choices (axis and widht). I can create a button who launch a menu in the tools pannel, and the operator works ...
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Assign datablock to custom property

With bpy.props I can assign bool, int, float and string ...
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Alternative update callback for PointerProperty?

I have created a custom property ...
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What is the difference between bpy.props.CollectionProperty and bpy.props.PointerProperty?

I noticed that bpy.props.CollectionProperty and bpy.props.PointerProperty can both be used to collect custom properties (as is ...
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Python API: Multiple types in single UIList, dynamic memory allocation for serialized data [closed]

These questions are about the addon that I'm creating. Please excuse the bad/messy example code, I've been following the "get it working first, then optimize" philosophy. Issue 1 (dynamic memory ...
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Is it possible to safely and reliably maintain a reference to a blender object in python?

I'd like to be able to refer to the same object multiple times from python. I'd ideally like to be able to move back and forth between using the python console and using the UI. The official ...
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Store viewport display color and toggle shading type

I need to toggle between material and object color in the viewport shading, when I toggle on, the viewport shading should change to object and all the selected objects should show the same custom ...
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Reference an object or data from a Python-defined property

Many built-in properties, such as Object.parent, reference scene data. In the UI, they are represented with pretty menu widgets and in certain cases also with a picker tool: Is it possible to create ...
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Checkbox array functioning as one. How do you separate the checkboxes

I trying to see if this is possible. I want to have the ability to choose which frames to re-render with checkboxes. First issue I am having is that the checkboxes active and de-active together. I ...
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How can I pass an object (like a bmesh) to an operator or should I not do that?

I have an operator that creates a certain mesh but I want to keep things modular so I separated each operation into its own operator. Like for example, I have an operator that removes vertices that ...
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How to have PointerProperty pointing at simple Integer Property in Python/Blender?

I'm trying to add a Pointer Property in my code that would be able to reference an Integer Property that exists on some data block of some object. What is the proper way of doing it? I thought it ...
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