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Render with a wider dynamic range in cycles to produce photorealistic looking images

To get images that seem more photorealistic, not only a much wider Dynamic Range is needed, but also having the color information desaturate towards white as it would happen in an overexposed ...
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What is the the ASC-CDL node?

The color balance node in the compositor can be switched to use the ASC CDL How is it used? How is this different from Lift/Gamma/Gain? How do the Offset, Power, Slope options affect the image?
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Make texture visible in sunlight

I would like to make my textures visible in sunlight. I adjusted the exposure but that didn't help: Right now when sunlight hits my textures they turn white. I want to be able to see the texture even ...
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Increase brightness of HDR to light the scene, but keeping the background at a lower exposure

I have a scene in which I am using an HDRI texture as a light source. However, I am also trying to use it as a background, but when I turn up the strength of the sky it just turns white. I am ...
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Which Exposure control to use?

There are two Exposure controls: In the Film section of the Render Tab and the Color Management section of the Scene Tab. The effects of changing the Exposure in Color Management can be seen in both ...
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Blender - HDR makes objects too bright

I started to use blender 3 weeks ago and I am currently trying to do an outdoor scene. I wanted to use an hdr image fot lighting, as blender guru does ->
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Outdoor HDRI too bright

I am quite new to Blender, but I have already gone through a couple of tutorials. Now have finally started making a scene myself, lamps and indoor HDRIs works fine, but when I use outdoor HDRIs (from ...
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Why is that when I open up my file in blender, the reference picture is gone

When you are using a reference picture in blender, do you have to keep it? Do the pictures have to stay in your computer? I sometimes delete my reference images, because I'm on my mother's computer ...
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Portal effect with two different hdri's

I'm fighting with my scene where I want to show some kind of portal. All scene has illuminated by hdri №1. The objects behind the 'glass' (object with 100% transparency) should be illuminated by hdri №...
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How to make a window brighter without changing light of other objects in the room?

How to make window area brighter (almost white) without changing the light of other objects inside the room? My work: I'm using HDRI
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