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Why is the default image format for saving renders is in PNG?

I have been using Blender for a while now and I notice something that seem unusual at least to me. An obvious format is JPG because it's very common despite its flaws. EXR is pretty much the opposite ...
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Partly Ignored PNG Alpha?

I just selected some pixels in Photoshop and deleted them, so this part became transparent. I save it as PNG. And imported this image as texture for cycles material. What surprised me is a "Material" ...
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how to render volume as image with alpha background?

I have a problem when I render this (using f12 ) node tree on my object in blender cycle I get nothing I tried to render another things and I get a results but with this node tree in my screen shot I ...
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Bloom effect with a transparent background?

I'm trying to use this render as an overlay on an image in Photoshop. I tested blend modes in photoshop, but didn't get the result I was looking for. When I set the alpha to transparency in the scene ...
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Reflections on glass over transparent background disappear in the final render

Ok, so I have this problem, in the first image you have the "final" render, here the glass from the windows doesn´t reflect the light that comes from behind the camera, something that you can see ...
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Blender Rendered viewport is different from the rendered image in Cycles

I have this scene: It's basically a bunch of particles that have an emission shader. The camera is using depth of field and gives this results using the rendered viewport: But When I render the ...
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Eevee Transparent Render is blank

I have a problem and was wondering if this is a bug. I've created some smoke that I would like to render with eevee. If I change the Alpha Setting in "Film" to "Transparent" I just get a blank, ...
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Glowing smoke material in cycles? [duplicate]

Wrapping up my Genji Ult project! I have the materials, the animations, and the particles down! The only thing I need to do now is to add the smoke like substance that comes off of the dragon! It ...
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Smoke renders, but not fire in 2.79 Cycles. However, both are fine in rendered viewport [duplicate]

I have a scene with a rocket launching, so obviously fire is pretty important. However, after setting up the shaders and simulation, I can't get the fire to render. Strangely, the smoke is still ...
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Transparent elements are different than viewport when saved as .png [duplicate]

I am working on a project where I composed many layers with an transparent background. Now I rendered the whole thing and when I saved it the result looked different than the saved version (The white ...
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