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Automatic save of render image after finishing [duplicate]

Is it possible to have blender save the single image when it finishes rendering it? I dont want to wait until its done as I let it render during the night. Ideally, I would want the PC to turn off as ...
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Image not appearing in output folder when rendered [duplicate]

For some reason, when I press render and I have my output folder set, it doesn't render it there. How can I save my image to the output folder?
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Where does the render output go? [duplicate]

I set up the render and have tried multiple 'write' locations...hell I even tried to send the output .png to the joy...renders 1/2 an hour and I still can't locate a file. Help please.
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Blender not saving rendered stills [duplicate]

Trying to render the default scene. Have set my user preferences to have Render Output go to F:\Blender\BStills\ - and this is what's listed in Properties panel as well. If I try to render an ...
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Render not being saved [duplicate]

When I render my image, it renders perfectly fine, but it doesn't save out. Can anyone explain how to get my image to save after rendering?
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Rendering file wont appear [duplicate]

Im trying to make a cycles rendering test with HDRs but when i render an image it doesn't appear in the specified folder. Here are some screenshots:
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Newbie question: Where is my rendered PNG saved to? [duplicate]

macOS Mojave 10.14.4 I set /Users/username/Documents/BLENDER/rendering as output path. Is the filename from the .blend files used?
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There Is No Media Output In A Specific Folder After Finishing My Render [duplicate]

As an absolute beginner I am just figuring things out. I was working on a project, which I rendered, but there is no output file in my output folder. The Render Scene And Options: My Project In ...
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How to save render?

Every time I render an image and try to save it, it just disappears. How do you exactly save a render? I am using a mac.
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Logging renders?

Is there a simple way to log/save every render that you make in a Blender scene? Maybe an add-on? This would be helpful to visually see progress on modeling, materials, lighting, and whatnot. It would ...
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Where did my file Save to?

I'm using the Blender Video Editor. I finished, rendered it, and went to open the file, but I do not know where my file saved to! I want it to be saved as a video file and I would like to know where ...
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Accidentally pressed F12, and lost rendered image. Is there way to recover it?

Is it only option to re-render whole scene again?
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How do I export from Compositor?

I've set up all my nodes and connected the last noodle to the Composite node, but how do I then export the new image? The Render Result in the UV/Image Editor hasn't changed and I can't see a Save ...
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How to save still renders straight to disk like animations?

Animation frames get saved to disk automatically. Still images do not. Is there a setting that can be changed so that single-frame renders also get saved to disk automatically upon completion? To ...
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How to set Output path correctly for a Single Image render?

I know this is such a basic question, hence I cannot find similar question to this. I've set up Render Output file in Preferences and Clicked Save Preferences: But after rendering nothing appears ...
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