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Blender file size is getting high [duplicate]

I have imported assets in blender and saved it. After I have added some assets and deleted the old ones. But the file size keeps on increasing.
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How to list all data in a blend, and how much disk space it's using? [duplicate]

I have a blend file that I've worked with for a long time, testing and experimenting with things like rigify and almost everything else. I'm trying to clean it up. By removing a lot of mocap actions, ...
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File size exceeds objects sizes [duplicate]

While revising an existing blender file, I realized it was getting way too big as it approached 1GB. This didn't look right since the objects were relatively simple. I copied/pasted all the objects ...
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Blend file is 1.89 gigs but when opened is just blank [duplicate]

I recently ported a .blend and .blend1 file I was working on from my mac to my PC using a USB. Here's what I did: Packed all ...
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Why the project file getting bigger and bigger [duplicate]

I have already tried to purge and clean. but the file still contains a lot of textures that belong to no meshes and there's no way to sort all those files at once but to delete them one by one. and ...
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How to remove a linked library in blender?

I'm following a tutorial in which I built a building by linking objects (walls, floor, windows, etc.) from other files, making a proxy of the linked object, and then using linked duplicates of the ...
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Finding out what makes your file size big?

Is there a way to see exactly which objects/textures/etc in my scene take up the most memory? My scenes often get rather big, bigger than I feel they should be, and rendering them obviously then tends ...
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How to reduce bloated file size?

I created this large scene file: lots of objects, textures, nodes, you name it, and am currently doing a post-mortem: stripping out assets so I can re-use them in later scenes. However I'm getting ...
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How to find image's users

thanks for click my question. In the past, when the oops Schematic function is present in the blender, we can found users of datablock very easily. (oops schematic was remove since 2.49b.) But now, ...
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File much larger than expected

I have a file that has 25 MB, but in the scene I just see a mesh with 6000 vertices. How can I find out where all those MB are coming from? Edit: It turned out there were several textures packed. One ...
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Low Poly file is way too big

I've been looking everywhere to find a solution to this, and I am desperate. I have a low poly file of an asteroid with a small material attached (just a 1K normal map and one color) and the poly ...
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How to prevent bloated .blend files from storage of un-necessary internal python files

Note: This is a long read, and I've mostly resolved my problem. Your reasons for reading it will be curiosity about a limited critical analysis of blender, or the desire to set me straight if for ...
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Blender file size bloated after importing mocap data

This is not a question, just wanted to share something that I found out recently. Please do correct me if I'm wrong. So, our mocap result generated a bunch of actions, one action per bone. And actions ...
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