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How to make a bevel on text

How can I make a bevel, like in the "Gibson," for my personal inscription? Is there an automatic method to do so?
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Round beveled text [duplicate]

Is there easy way of having a rounded bevel on text… ie like so… It was painful to model this on the text and when I added a bevel I got all sorts of bad geometry and had to rebuild it etc, like so… ...
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How to I create text with a rounded face? [duplicate]

After spending the best part of 2 days on this I'm still totally baffled. I'm trying to create a badge to be 3D printed and I'm having trouble getting the text to look right. The effect I'm going for ...
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What workflow should we use to create a text object that requires characters from multiple .ttf fonts?

If you are trying to create a text object in blender and find it is missing some code points, what workflow would you use to mix in another TTF that supplies the missing code points? To complicate ...
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How to model text with ridges (car badge) [duplicate]

So I've been learning some blender the past few months but up until now I have never really used edit mode or made some hardsurface modelling. I am trying to replicate this First I used solidworks to ...
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How to make sharp edge bevel 3d text [duplicate]

I want to know how to make the 3d text like this reference image. Like how to bevel the text like a curved triangle foom the middle of the letter. (don't know to describe it exactly). Thanks! I also ...
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Trapeze profile for 3D letters, lines

Can somebody please help me? I should make fondant/marzipan stamp. I can make the 3D object - letters, lines (extrude from the svg) but I do not know how to set that profile where the top is narrower ...
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How to modify Time New Roman Letter Model 3D?

I have a little problem. You see I'm on training and boss ordered me to create 3D letter with serifs so I chose Times new Roman. Okay but straight to the point, I need to make that letter look like ...
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Inner bevel on letters? [duplicate]

I need to engrave for a project a text into a cube shape, but the big thing is that I need an inner bevel in the text, not bevel on outer edges, but a bevel into it that follows the middle of the ...
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How to I make sharp stylized inset/outset grooves like this logo [duplicate]

Here is the image. I know this is fairly simple to do, possibly just using a certain modifier. Wanted to see if anyone had any insight?
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