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extrude and animate a polygon along path [duplicate]

Hello I have to make an animation with this shape, but i cant find out any tutorial to explain me the method to achieve the result I'm looking for. I would like to extrude and animate a square shaped ...
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Logo Animation 2D

How to do the logo animation like this (attached gif)? See how the power circle moves and forms the letter K and similarly how the power switch moves and forms the letter C. I did power circle with ...
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Extruding equally along a path

This is my first post on here. I've been using Blender for years and a lot of my questions have been answered here but I've been having trouble with something and I haven't found a solution. I'm ...
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Lightsaber ignition

So today I've been working on making a model of lightsaber, I plan to use this to practice some animation. I was wondering if someone could assist/inform me on how I would animate it so that the ...
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Quad faces along the curve or grease pencil

Is it possible to generate quad faces along the curve ? Is it possible to generate quad faces along the grease pencil ? For example, I set up some bezier curve and on this curve Blender generate ...
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How to animate deforming scratches?

I would like to create the following animation: one mesh scrapes the other. I think the best option is to animate the boolean modifier, but the boolean difference disappears as the object moves. I ...
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Mograph effect with geo-nodes?

how can I animate the scale and rotation of this geo-node staircase like mograph(C4D) is it possible? with "mograph" i mean an animation that have a delay on each cube as it builds it self ...
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Blender - road with varying width

How to create road that follows curve and has varying width along this curve? Typically I'd make small road segment and use array, then curve but I don't think it allows scaling according to another ...
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How can you Path Extrude over time?

I want to extrude along a path over time so as to animate a path growing over time. How can I do that in Blender?
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Controling Direction of Build Modifier on a Curve Object

I am wondering if there is a way to control the order that a build modifier builds a curve object. I'm aware that when applying a build modifier to a mesh, you can sort the faces of the mesh to tell ...
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Animating a geometric shape growing out?

How would I animate a precise geometric shape "growing out" in Blender, like in the attached gif, but extruded in 3D? The animation was created in Keyshape using a combination of animated ...
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Animated simple deform bend

I'm absolutely new to Blender, and I want to animate an intro. It looks like this: You can download the blend file here:
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