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Using Python to add object with specified number of vertices? [duplicate]

How, in Python, could I add an object with a specified number of vertices n, all of which are at, say, the origin (0,0,0)?
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Instantiating object of a certain type [duplicate]

Complete beginner to Blender here so here goes an amateur question. I am a bit confused by the syntax of Blender and why you can't just create an instance of a mesh class and assign it a name. Anyway, ...
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How to create a mesh programmatically, without bmesh?

I do not want to use BMesh this time. I want to create a mesh programmatically, for this purpose I created this short script to see what I do wrong in my importer script. In this script I try to ...
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how to use BMesh to add verts, faces, and edges to existing geometry

I've puzzled about this for a while, but haven't found an answer I understood. This snippet below does add geometry (3 verts and a face) but it also generates an error, Does going to object mode make ...
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Python to create just vertices not faces and edges

This: create mesh then add vertices to it in python (see snippet below) used mesh.from_pydata(verts, edges, faces). I would like to just create a mesh of vertices, ...
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Matrix rotation not changing scale

I'm trying to use Blender to test some matrix transforms but I'm still trying to learn at the same time. The problem is how to use the Python API to apply a rotation matrix, but to start with I have ...
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How to interactively add vertices based on custom input fields?

I want to make UI with input fields and a button which add verts with coords based on values in this fields. I kinda almost understand what I need to do but it slips away because I am not a programmer....
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In python, how to construct a line in a plane parallel to the XZ plane, at a particular angle to the XY plane, and a particular length

For example, let's say I want to construct a line from (0,0,0), to a point within the XZ plane, at an angle of 23 degrees, and with a length of 10. The endpoint would then be (10cos(23deg),0,10sin(...
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How do I get the name or identifier of my newly created mesh from an operator

For example, I can run: retCode = bpy.ops.mesh.primitive_cube_add(). It doesnt return any kind of identifier, just a code (e.g. "FINISHED", if it ...
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Creating Hydrogen Orbitals with Blende

I want to create a 3D Animation of a hydrogen orbital using the mesh.math addon. Therefore I wrote a short python code. ...
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