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Add different materials to different parts of a mesh?

How do you add more than one material to a mesh? I have tried adding two materials to the object, and then assigning one of the materials to a vertex-group, but I could not find a place to assign it....
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How can I make a "Movie Clip" node start at a certain frame of the scene?

When I use "Movie Clip" node in Blender 2.7, it always starts at Scene Frame 1. How can I change it in order to make it start at Frame 6, for instance? The movie clip I am using is a Movie FX for ...
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Image sequence customizing

I'm trying to do some scenes which use a mixture of 3D backgrounds with 2D animated characters.The best way I've figured this out so far is to use a plane with an image sequence of pngs which hold the ...
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How can I control playback of video textures? [duplicate]

I’m working on a video in which photographs inside picture frames come to life but I do not know how to control the playback of the video textures. I already have the video texture loaded in the ...
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How can I "slideshow" between image textures on a plane?

I have something like a slideshow I'm working on (essentially a shadow box that flips through images), and I can't find an easy way to change the image on a plane. The two solutions I can think of ...
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Movie as image texture on multiple objects, with different frame offset, without using multiple materials?

I want to model a couple of screens that use a movie as image texture. The difficult part here for me is to have different screens show parts of the same source material starting with different frames....
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Texturing multiple chessboards

Let's say I'm going to be doing an instructional animation showing 100 different chessboards/positions (all at once, at one point). The chessboards are just planes of 8x8 faces. The pieces will just ...
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Play multiple videos in EEVEE starting at different time

I have to planes with different video files in each one. I want to play the videos in EEVEE in both planes but starting a different time. Now, with "play animation" both videos start at ...
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Same image sequence one offset but not the other

plane A assigned material A that has an image sequence. plane B assigned material B with the same image sequence. When i change the frames offset of the image sequence in material B both are changed ...
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How to control the visibility of many planes with a single material and different images

I am rather new in blender - (max and maya before) And I would like to create lets say a 50 planes with the same material but with a different image source file. And then, joint every plane´s "...
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animate the material node (image)

I wonder if there's any possibility to animate frame "17" as picture show to frame "19". I just need to key those frames that I need. Any help would be grateful. Thanks
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Convenient method to select different textures on the faces of a die

The situation: I need to create different renders of (normal shaped, 6-sided) dice. However, the faces don't show the numbers 1 - 6 but a set of characters (i.e. 6 characters out of A – Z). Each die ...
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Multiple video segments in multiple textures

Animating video plane movements for EEVEE in Blender 2.80 that pass through the field of view of the camera in combinations: The h.264 video file is long. To start each plane on a different frame ...
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