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Array modifier not working as expected [duplicate]

I'm trying to create a car rim in Blender. However when I try to add array modifier, and rotate the instances around empty, they are not in the same distance from the center (as shown in the image). I ...
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How to complete a circular shape using an array modifier? [duplicate]

How would I use the array modifier to duplicate this pattern all the way around the top and bottom circle faces? Whenever I try to use the array modifier, the pattern just copies next to itself. Its ...
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How to create a circle with the Array Modifier [duplicate]

I was trying to create the same as in this tutorial: But when I do exact the same my objects keep regrowing. So each next object will be even bigger then ...
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how do you spin-duplicate an object to make a grenade? [duplicate]

I ma making a grenade like this one in the image: And I have the main bumpy part here: so I want to spin them to make that shape, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Thanks.
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How do you create a dashed circle in blender? [duplicate]

How would you create a dashed circle in blender with an empty circle object? I want something that looks sort of like this: Related: How do you create a dashed line in Blender?
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How to place columns in a circle? [duplicate]

My goal I want to create a radial array of columns like in this screenshot: Tutorial that I am following Blender 2.8 Array Modifier Rotate video on YouTube. My steps I've create a single column ...
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Can I mirror around a cylinder [duplicate]

I am trying to create a propeller but I want all sides of the propeller to mirror around a cylinder. If I edit one face of the outside of the cylinder, I want it to copy that to all the other sides of ...
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array of cylinders around sphere surface (sea-urchin-like) [duplicate]

I have a sphere and I want to make some cylindrical cavities on it's surface, which are tangent to the sphere's surface The cylinders wich which I should make the boolean difference should be disposed ...
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How can I use the Array modifier correctly? [duplicate]

I want this This is my screen. version is 2.90.1 What's wrong with the array modifier?
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How do I create multiple copies of an object around a point? (9 sided symmetry) [duplicate]

So I'm trying to create multiple copies of an object spaced equally around a ring. The goal is for it to look something like this, but I'm drawing a blank on how to accomplish it (I'm fairly new to ...
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Why is it important to apply transformation to an objects data?

I've watched several tutorials and very often they applied the location, rotation or scale to the object when they transformed it in Object Mode. They always said it is important, but why?
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How to distribute objects in a circular pattern on a surface (Radial Array, Polar Array)

I'm modeling a bathroom interior, and I was wondering if there were any nice ways to distribute the little water spouts in their pattern along the black plastic for this shower head. Here is my ...
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How can I model Gothic style windows?

I'm trying to model some Gothic type architecture for a game. I'm more of a organic guy, so I have no idea how to go about modelling these shapes(reference image included). I'm more interested in 1,2,...
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How to make an object go around another circular objects? [duplicate]

I am making a sort of steampunk element and I want to have small bolts go around a cylinder. I'm not sure what would be the most precise and quick method to achieve something like that: My current ...
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Make all objects on an array fit exactly on a curve

I created cube, then I created circle-curve and scaled it. Then I set modifers on the cube: array to fit the curve length, and next a curve modifier. But my cubes not fit exactly on the curve, and I ...
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