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I'm looking for some help trying to solve the geometry / camera positioning for a show clip. After many days of testing and tweaking I still can't get a matching result and I just don't understand why....
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Can't solve my camera [duplicate]

I was tryng to track my scene. I made and image sequence then exported all the jpg pictures. To get tracing points I used the "Detect Features" option to create keyframes. When I was ready I ...
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How can I get better results when doing camera motion tracking?

Whenever I do camera tracking in Blender the reconstruction is always zooming out or not on the axis. I have a great quality camera, but the end results of the camera tracking always has the model ...
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Correct tracked camera orientation

I have been playing around with camera tracking and I'm happy enough with the tracking and alignment of the markers with the footage when viewed through the camera. The problem is, when I am not ...
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How to align the camera in a solved motion tracked scene?

I have been having an issue with my floor plane and object when using a solved camera after tracking some footage. I get a solve error of between 0.05 and 0.4 on my solves which is good and not the ...
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Something wrong with my tracking markers?

I've been trying really hard to track down some footage (wanted to add a little character right next to the dude) but WHENEVER I try to set the floor for the 3D environment in the composition using ...
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Syncing a Blender camera tracking scene to an Fspy camera match [duplicate]

I've been having issues orientating a tracking scene-- For a recent project, I started by doing a camera match on the first frame in Fspy, which produced an amazing result, as evidence by the sample ...
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3D objects in tracker scene slide off position

I have a video footage shot on an iPhone 8, that I want to track and use in Blender (to add objects etc.). I added a couple markers and these track pretty well, I can get a fairly low solve error (...
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Going from 2D Mocap to 3D emptys?

I'm currently trying to figure out the workflow for using the motion capture features in Blender for animation. I've figured out creating markers and tracking them, but I'm stuck at reconstruction. ...
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Cannot get my camera to solve correctly during a motion track

I am trying to track the included scene to remove the black wall and replace it with something else. Problem is, I can't for the life of me figure out how to track this properly and get it right. I ...
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