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What does unwrapping a model do and why is it important?

I am trying to learn how to make small games, and every time I watch a video it says that we need to unwrap it, but they never fully explain what unwrapping does or why we do it. Is it necessary when ...
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How to tile textures in Cycles?

I just recently got into the nodes system, my knowledge on the subject is limited. I can't seem to find out how to tile textures using my current node setup, because it doesn't tile the them on its ...
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How can I smoothly transition between two UV maps?

In the "UV Maps" section in Context, it is possible to switch between two different UV maps. Map 1: Map 2: I would like to be able to transition smoothly between these two UV maps, so that I can ...
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mapping geometric shapes on surfaces with little distortion

is there a simple way to map shapes, text, things like that to surfaces without distortion, or does it come down to cutting the image and fiddling with uvs? the method doesn't need to be game or ...
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What is the difference between UV Unwrapping and UV Mapping?

I am totally new to Blender. It seems that UV mapping and UV unwrapping are the same. Can anyone please clarify the difference.
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Project a photo onto a surface

(This question is coming from geospatial background and not a 3D modeling background, so I may have some terms mixed up) I am using the BlenderGIS add-in ( ) to ...
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How can I map/drape an image onto an object/grid using Blender?

I sincerely apologize for any and all ignorance. I am a developer with almost no 3D modeling experience :) Thank you all in advance for your help; you all are wonderful. I currently use a third-party ...
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Is there more than one way to unwrap in Blender?

What are the different ways to unwrap besides marking seams on everything and unwrapping?
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Multiple stacked planes image distortion (Noisey Images effect)

The youtuber Noisey Images does this really cool effect where tiles that slightly distort still images as they and the camera moves through space. Here's his newest video, he uses the effect with ...
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Why are Texture Coordinate or UV map used before mapping node?

I learned how to use textures. To control the size texture, I use the Map node. The input of the Map node should be a Texture Coordinate or UV map and it seems that they are very important because ...
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radially equidistant "melting" of image onto spheroid (head) - reverse of equidistant azimuthal projection

noob here wanting to "melt" a radially symmetrical mesh (SVG at the moment) onto a 3D scan of my head (STL at the moment) to eventually make a 3d printed scalp-conforming hat/cap (so projecting onto a ...
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Picture projection on an object

I have a real picture containing an object. I have the same object as a mesh but with no texture. On the picture: I know the coordinate of the camera, and a few points matching some vertex of the mesh....
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How to use simple textures and normal maps on imported FBX files?

I have seen several basic tutorials on how to add texture and normal maps to an object using the nodes editor. This works fine when adding them to Blender objects like the cube, plane, etc But in my ...
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How do I animate the scaling of a texture?

I have a B/W pattern on a torus and I wanted to make it slowly move down so it gets the effect of coming out of the hole in the middle. I am working in UV mapping right now, and I'm scaling the ...
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How to project an image/video that moves across a 3D surface

For an animation video, I need to project an image, or a video that moves all the way across a horizontal 3D surface, see image. Ideally, like an optical projection it should not wrap around under the ...
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