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how to connect two paths [duplicate]

I am trying to connect 2 separate paths somewhere along its centre, see picture: Is there a way to do this?
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Attach vertex to a circle with a line? [duplicate]

I have a basic circle with lets say 20 vertices. I then do a ctrl+right click to place a vertex somewhere outside the circle. I then select the vertex outside the circle, hold shift, select a vertex ...
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How to make branch from bezier curve [duplicate]

I have just a normal bezier curve. And i have sub divide once. I want to extrude the sub divide vertex. Like the branch. But when i extrude the handle is remove and when i extruded from the handle it ...
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Solid mesh with Y-shaped curves [duplicate]

I want to make a tree with some branches out of a curve like this simple one (I've created this with the ALT+C, convert to curve: When I set the depth to a non zero value and set the Fill settings to ...
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Connect curve vertex to 3 other [duplicate]

I am trying to model a tree with curves, and I need to extrude 2 paths from 1 vertex, but when I try to do it, it separates the vertex. If I try to join it with F, it says "Can't create a segment". ...
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Unable to create edge between two vertices (imported SVG) [duplicate]

I have imported a wireframe SVG into Blender, duplicated it and dragged a few points around to make a vector graphics spaceship design similar to the old Elite 8-bit game if anyone remembers it. I'm ...
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Splitting bezier/nurb paths into multiple strands? [duplicate]

I've been trying to add hair to my stylized character sculpt using the curve technique that many youtube tutorials teach, but I find myself quite stumped on something; If I want to have one strand of ...
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Splitting a cylinder into two "branches"

I'm brand new to blender and have been searching for tutorials or help in "branching" a cylinder into two. I'm working a small tree branch segment - I've started with a cylinder, added some loop cuts,...
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3ds max user want to find Refine and Connect tool in blender

Hi I'm a fellow user of spline modeling and I cant find the "refine and connect" from 3ds max in blender this option just create a line/segment between two points/vertices of a curve/spline ...
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How to model and animate a bifurcated path?

I don't know how to model a bifurcated path. I'd like to do something good instead of that is bad bifurcation at 2 seconds of this video (the pipe is not full: it doesn't follow the full path at the ...
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Is it possible to merge the ends of a path

I am trying to create a racetrack in blender using my city, as long as there are no intersections i am doing fine. However i have no idea how to connect loose ends with the main track, snapping did ...
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What is the point of curve points which are not connected to a curve?

When you have a curve you can select one of the points and use the 'duplicate' function or you can select one of the middle points and use 'extrude curve and move'. Both of these things in 2.81 give ...
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How to blend meshes that intertwined each other?

I'm trying to make a pretzel chip but I ran into an issue where meshes are intertwined (see red circles). Below is my model (made it using Bezier Curve): A pretzel chip has the intertwined part ...
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Can branched curve be applied as curve modifier?

I am trying to make a branching road like this: I created same curve by manually drawing it, and a road sample. Applied to road that curve as a curve modifier, but, unfortunately at the branch point, ...
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Connection of beveled curves

I have a bezier curve with some bevel. In some places I need to have more than two outgoing lines from one vertex, so curve splitted for several segments. Is there any way to make connections looks ...
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